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We integrate your courses into system that translates it to multiple languages, enabling customers anywhere in the world to find and book your camps.

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With us...

  • No more spending on marketing
  • Reduced sales expenses
  • Reaching many students with a flat commission rate
  • Informative, engaging and appealing UI design
  • Reduced recruitment operation
  • Only collect forms and documents from students
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The team at Best Parents have created an onboarding for educators.

  • Enter your details in the form
  • Uploads the program details and media
  • Publish the dates for the available sessions
  • Cultural or volunteering summer trips
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  • The System is collecting payments and documents
  • Fill your seats according to availability
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Customers can see your camp details

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Step in technology and enjoy the business you have built for years!

Our Educators Speak

The seamless collaboration has allowed us to provide top-tier services to families, ensuring their children have a memorable and enriching summer camp experience. The efficient communication and commitment to excellence make working with Best Parents a true pleasure.


Educator from UK

Partnering with Best Parents has been phenomenal. Their high volumes of students are efficiently managed through perfect technology, ensuring smooth operations and seamless collaboration.


Educator from USA

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