Who Are We?

Best Parents Inc is a global education company based in San Francisco with 13 years of worldwide experience in our executive team for international accredited summer and winter camps . As our scope has expanded to 62 countries in 8 different currencies, the number of accredited education companies we have collectively worked with has risen to 2000+.

Our Founders

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Burçin Advani

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She is our fearless leader. With 12 years of experience in education consulting, she has placed hundreds of students abroad in international academic programs, international schools and top universities. She is an accredited education consultant to the British Council and Swiss Learning schools.


Aditya Advani

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He is our co-founder and a technology junkie. Has a wide range of experience with start-ups in Silicon Valley as an engineer. He has worked in unicorn start-ups as a lead engineer and believes he can change the world through education.


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Burçin Advani

Burcin Advani Blue Star

She is our fearless leader. With 12 years of experience in education consulting, she has placed hundreds of students abroad in international academic programs, international schools and top universities. She is an accredited education consultant to the British Council and Swiss Learning schools.


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Aditya Advani

Aditya Advani Blue Star

He is our co-founder and a technology junkie. Has a wide range of experience with start-ups in Silicon Valley as an engineer. He has worked in unicorn start-ups as a lead engineer and believes he can change the world through education.


How Does Best Parents Work?

Best Parents is a future compass for young learners and their parents to find their perfect fit in the new world.

Our edtech platform and experts enable young learners to explore their present selves and navigate them through future ones, while providing companionship for parents along the way.

You can reach our qualified advisors any time you want. They take care of your needs before, during and after the summer program you pick. You can book online easily and your advisor will get in touch with you immediately to provide an exclusive experience.

Get In Touch

Tell us more about your children and your family's needs and we'll find programs that are a great match for you.

Your payments on this website are handled with the assurance of Stripe Payments which is the most secure payment system in the world.

Refunds: You can ask for a full refund 6 weeks before the camp start date.

Our Clients Speak

We have been working with parents and children around the world

They want to repeat

They were happy. They want to repeat, they have done friends from all over the world, good quality, opened their minds and enjoyed a lot. Thanks for helping me selecting these camps! I'm grateful!! 🙏🙏🙏


Father of 4 from Argentina

The kids are having such a great time

Hey Best Parents - The kids are having such a great time and I am resting well in beautiful St. Gallen. This has been excellent all around. Thanks again 🙏


Mother of 2 from USA

Mindblowing Service

Yes my son enjoyed his program very much. We will definitely continue to work with Best Parents in the future. As my son gets closer to college we need your support in enrolling my son in programs that will enhance his changes of getting accepted into top universities.


Father from Egypt

FAQ - Summer Programs - General

What are the benefits of attending summer programs?

Summer Camps are an excellent opportunity for young learners from the age of 3 to 18 to truly gain an experience that would be difficult to obtain back home. In this day and age, it's vital for young children to become global citizens that can adapt to different cultures and backgrounds while accumulating the knowledge and experience that helps cultivate their passions for their future. Camps help promote life skills, independence, teamwork, resiliency, responsibility and self-esteem. Academically, it helps get a glimpse of the subject they want for university studies and what they want to do for their career in the future. In the end, it's the memories that are left with us in our childhood that truly changes the outlook of our lives.

Who is this programme suitable for?

Summer Camp programs are best suitable for students wanting to branch out of their comfort zone to experience a new country, friends & culture from around the globe and experience a wide range of educational and activity based curriculums in a short period of time to discover their true strengths and passions for their future.

FAQ - Summer Programs - Arrival & Departure

Do I have to book airport transfers?

Airport transfers are optional that you can book with the schools. When students arrive at the airport, he/she will be greeted by a school representative after passing through immigration. Parents traveling with their children are free to book Uber or any other transportation services on their own.

When should I arrive for the program?

Most Summer Camps start on a Monday. That means, the day of arrival at the Campsite will always be the start date of your booking confirmation. It is best that you arrive before 17:00 on a Sunday so that your child doesn’t miss the welcome reception. If your course starts on a Wednesday for example, then you would be arriving on a Tuesday, so 1 day before the camp start date will always be the arrival day.

What happens on arrival day?

Upon arriving in the city you are planning on attending Summer Camp, you will be going from the airport to the Summer Camp site. Upon arrival, you will be guided to the accommodation where you can unpack your belongings and get settled in. During this time, parents and students can tour the Summer Camp site.

What happens at the end of the program & when should we depart?

All camp participants will depart usually after breakfast, and staff will stay on campus until 3:30pm in most cases to help facilitate the departures. All the camps have pick up services to the airports. It can be included in the camp fee or extra according to the airports you are flying. For younger learners UM service can be asked.

Do I need to bring my own money, if so, how much?

All Summer Camp programs are all inclusive and only would need money for souvenir shopping, meals at the airport when arriving or departing and emergency purposes. Students are allowed to bring cash (kept at a safe) or an ATM card, and staff will assist the students in withdrawing the cash they would need upon request.

FAQ - Summer Programs - Info about Programs

What's included in the program fee?

All Summer Camp programs are fully inclusive, meaning during the Summer Camp program, no extra cost would be required. The program fee includes tuition, accommodation, activities/excursions & 3 meals per day for the entire Camp program.

What is not included in the program fee?

Air flights, travel insurance (some are included in the program), laundry card (depending on the campus), extra meals outside of the program, souvenir shopping during excursions

When is the enrollment deadline?

All Camps are rolling admissions, meaning you can apply for a Summer Camp program with us as long as the seats are open and your travel isn’t hindered. However, Summer Camps do get filled months in advance, so the program you may want may not be available near the start of Camp. Please check with our advisors and we will guide you to the right place! You can see the availability on our website. Your seat is not secured as long as you fill the enrolment form and complete the full payment.

What is the daily schedule of a Summer Camp?

Most Summer Camps will offer English or Academic lessons in the morning, sports or excursion based activities in the afternoon and fun social activities in the evening at the Summer Camp residence. For meals, breakfast will be served anywhere from 7:30am to 9am, lunch at 12:30pm to 1:30pm and dinner at 6pm to 7pm.

How long are my classroom sessions?

Most of the Camps typically offer 15 hour per week of either English or Academic courses. That's 45 minutes x 4 sessions per = 3 hours of lessons per day. You may increase the lesson times depending on your needs or 1:1 private lessons at an extra cost.

What type of activities are offered at Summer Camp?

There are normally 2 types of activities offered at Camp. One is sports-based and art activities and the other is excursion based activities. Sports based activities are centered around keeping students active and learning different activities to see what interests them. On the other hand, excursion based activities are when the students go visit famous tourist cities and historical sites. Both provide immense value in learning and it all depends on the student's interests and needs.

Can Summer Camps accommodate dietary requirements?

In almost all cases, yes. If you have very special dietary requirements, it is recommended that you let us know 60 days in advance to fully accommodate your needs. However, we do want to let you know that this is not guaranteed but we will certainly try our absolute best to meet your needs. Your child's health comes first so please fill the health form on our enrollment portal in a detailed way.

What do students eat on full day excursions?

Students are given lunch boxes during full day excursions along with beverages. Any purchases outside of the lunch boxes can be made at appropriate times but will be at the student's personal expense. Young learners are not allowed to bring chocolate and candies with them to the accommodation.

What happens in the case of an emergency?

All Summer Camps will have 24 hour supervision of the students. There will also be a 24 hour emergency phone number for each campus. Family members will also be able to reach their children by contacting the campus offices in case of an emergency as well. Students under the age of 18 will be required to provide a contact detail of a parent or guardian.

FAQ - Summer Programs - Accommodation

Where will I be staying?

You will be staying at the designated school residence, whether your program would be taking place at a boarding school, international school or a university campus, meaning all of your classes and stay will take place on one site. For homestay programs, you will be staying at a local homestay carefully selected by the school through rigorous background checks and experience dealing with international students.

Will I be sharing a bedroom?

Yes, unless you are in the older age group of 15 & above, you will be staying in twin rooms or rooms up to 4 students per room depending on the program, providing an opportunity to cultivate friendships with fellow students from different parts of the world. We take individual requests which can cost extra to your final invoice. The accommodation differs in campus facilities.

Are boys and girls housed separately?

Yes boys and girls will be separately housed within the residence, or in other circumstances in different residence buildings.

Can I stay with my friend if we are coming together?

Yes, if you book the course in advance, you may have a chance to stay with your friend in the same residence room. However, these are on-request basis depending on availability so please contact the Best Parents advisor at [email protected] for more information.

Are there any laundry facilities at the residence?

Yes, there will be laundry facilities at all Summer Camp sites. However, please be aware every campus facility is different in how they handle laundry. Please be noted Camps taking place at university campuses may require students to purchase a laundry card for the use of laundry machines.

How safe are the campuses?

At all Camps, safety is our top priority for all of our students. All Camps will have a 24 hour supervision at all times. We also have campus security throughout and have all the emergency measures prepared. Safes are located in the offices for important items students may bring. All Summer Camps also have evening curfews. We take this very seriously so that our parents can rest assured.

FAQ - Summer Programs - Etc

How do I pay for my course?

You can pay for your course right on our website with a valid credit card. You will only pay the initial 20% deposit for the program. We will then process your admissions and ultimately, you will normally pay the remaining balance 60 days before the course start date. We will send you an invoice at appropriate times in advance so that you are well informed.

Do I need a visa to attend Summer Camp?

Since Summer Camps are shorter term programs and are not full time classroom programs, you would only need a tourist visa to travel to the country that you are planning to attend Summer Camp in. We have programs in the UK, US & Switzerland and depending on your nationality you may need to apply for a tourist visa to these countries. Our Best Parents advisors will make sure you have the most up to date information on your visa requirements.

What kind of insurance do I need?

Generally, families will purchase travel insurance for the duration of the Summer Camp. Parents can book it on their own or at Best Parents we can arrange Travel Insurance for you at a very low cost. Some programs, however, do include travel insurance within their program. Either way, do not worry, Best Parents advisors will check these criterias with you during the admissions process.

If I have to cancel, will I get my money back?

All of our Summer Camps featured on are fully refundable 40 days prior to the course start date. The deposit may not be refunded in fully booked university camps.

FAQ - Summer Programs - Preparation

What should I bring?

We will have a welcome pack ready for every Summer Camp attendant that will list all the belongings you should bring before arrival. Essentials are clothing that is suitable for the location in which we will advise, mobile device for staying in touch with the family, emergency funds in case. We will guide the rest of the items for each student depending on the program.

Are parents allowed to visit?

Yes, parents traveling with their children are allowed to visit the campsite for unpacking at the accommodation & arrival orientation that takes place in the afternoon. Once the camp starts, parents are kindly asked to depart and can stay at a nearby hotel. You may visit your child on the weekend if they have free time but please check with your child or the school on the schedule so that there are no excursions taking place at that time.

Can I bring a mobile phone?

Yes, all students are advised to bring a mobile phone with them as a way to stay in touch with their parents. Please be noted phones are not allowed during classrooms or lessons. Summer Camp site offers Wi-Fi services that students can use to contact their parents during break time.

FAQ - Summer Programs - Online Programs

How many students are there in each Online Insights class?

The average class size is 5 students with a maximum cap number at 10.

What platform is used for the Online Insights program?

All online classes are delivered through Zoom's educational platform. You will only need a laptop or mobile device, with access to the internet and download the Zoom software. That's it!

What time is Stream A? Stream B?

These are two live courses that take at two different times of the day to cater to different time zones. Stream A generally starts at 10am UK time and Stream B starts at 3pm UK time.

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