Vetinary Summer Camps for High School Students

Nurturing Future Veterinarians through Pre-Vet Programs

High school students considering a career in veterinary medicine can explore animal health sciences through pre-vet summer programs. Our curated collection of international veterinary summer camps offers a unique opportunity to gain insights into the rewarding field of veterinary medicine, allowing participants to explore various disciplines and gain practical experience. Learn from experts about animal biology and how their body systems function together! We offer programs in the USA and UK at top university campuses.

What Will Students Gain from a Pre-Vet Summer Program?

Pre-vet summer camps provide a mix of lectures and hands-on learning experiences. Students participate in veterinary simulations using animal models or computer programs. Various programs focus on different aspects of veterinary medicine, such as surgery, anatomy, emergency care, and animal behavior. Many of these programs are held at prestigious universities, offering individualized feedback, small-group mentoring, and the opportunity to create a personal capstone project. For students looking to get a head start on their veterinary career, a pre-vet summer program can be the perfect way to begin their journey into the world of animal healthcare.

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Animal Rescue Project - Costa Rica

San Ramon, Costa Rica

Contribute to local rescue projects, uncover the diplomacy between service and tradition. Savor ziplining, hikes, beach days, and natural hot springs, all while residing in the exotic rainforest. Craft a summer filled with purpose, passion, and adventure!

About the provider: "Dynamic" - Founded 2004, 25000 teens, TIME magazine most influential 2019, Go Overseas award winner

14-18 Years Old

2 weeks

June and July

Overnight Camp


For boys and girls


Costa Rica

Deadline: Rolling

from $5,299

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