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Course Description

Welcome to your summer school in London. Our aim is to provide students with a stimulating and safe environment to learn English and make friends by speaking English to students from other countries.


Regent Park

Regent's Park is located in the centre London. A short walk from Baker Street tube into Regent's Park takes you to Regent's University where the school is located for 8 weeks of the summer. We have a tennis and multisport court on site and playing fields surround the campus for football other sports. The school's excellent location means fresh air and space whilst being close to all the major attractions in London.

Gloucester Gate

At the North end of Regent's Park, near Camden is Gloucester Gate open from 3rd July to 26th August. This houses our 5 to 9 year olds for 6 weeks and then all ages 5 to 17 until 26th August.

What's Included

What's included":

- English classes in the mornings

- A hot lunch in the on-site canteen

- Sports in Regent's Park in the afternoon

- 2 visits to London attractions per week

- 1 full-day Saturday trip

Starting From


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Age Range 10-17 Years
Duration 2 Weeks
Start Dates 6/17/2024 till 8/19/2024
Weekly Course Hours 15 hours

There is plenty of time spent in the park, with two afternoons of sports and activities. Students learn English whilst playing games. All kids like to win. Playing fairly is an important lesson too!​ 10-17 year olds have three excursions per week, two in London and one outside London. This is an important part of the programme. The excursions are integrated with the English lessons as part of our Discover programme. 5-9 year olds have 1 half-day excursions per week and can join the Saturday trip with a parent.

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Homestay Accommodation

For children aged 10 years or more travelling alone we arrange homestay accommodation through two agencies registered with the British Council. We also have limited availability of homestay accommodation for parents with children. Families who wish to look for apartment or hotel accommodation should contact us. Homestays are up to 45 minutes away, with a limited selection close to the school. 

Parents, children and hosts are provided with 24-hour contact telephone numbers for the accommodation agencies and the schools. The school has a dedicated staff member to assist you or your child with any problems or questions regarding accommodation. 

Children are asked regularly during their stay about their accommodation, the food and their happiness with the arrangements. All their feedback is read and followed up if necessary and feedback on hosts is recorded and monitored. 

Outside the school timetable, students stay with their host. The host will include the student in their normal routines which usually includes shopping trips. Additional excursions can be organised in advance by arrangement. 

Accommodation arrangement fee: £50

  • Single or Twin room full board (10-16 years) £250 per week per person

  • Optional walking to school supplement £25 per week per person

  • Optional private bathroom £60 per week per person

  • Special dietary requirements £25 per week

Booking your own apartment

Many families now book their own

apartment through www.airbnb.com or www.booking.com prices start from around £100 per night. There are a variety of options often within walking distance of the school.


Hotels & Bed & Breakfast

Please see a list of options below:



Accommodation Agencies

Other Accommodation Websites



The 10-17-year-old 6 full-day programme has 2 half-day Discover London trips per week and 1 full-day Saturday trip. 5-9-year-olds on a 5 full-day programme have 1 half-day Discover London trip per week



Airport Transfers

We offer airport transfers from all London airports and rail terminals. For safety and security unaccompanied children (under 18) must book arrival and departure transfers. Any alternative arrangements must be communicated in advance to the school. We use Airport Angels to Meet and Greet the students in the arrivals hall, or a named executive driver from Atlas Taxis. Airport Angels or a named driver will also assist with departure check in for unaccompanied children.​

Named Driver: £150 each way

Named Driver and Airport Angel: £200 each way.

Getting to school

You can authorise a child aged 14-17 to travel on public transport or choose the school bus service. Children under 14 cannot travel alone to school and must use the school car service or come and go with an adult.

Door-to-door Car Service 

We recommend our excellent door-to-door car service to get to school for students 10 years of age or over. Share a taxi with other students or bring your kids to school with you whilst you study next door. 

Children under 14 years old and students in homestay must book the car service or be accompanied to and from school by an adult. Children aged 14+ can travel independently to and from school with written permission from their parents.​

£150 per person per week from addresses up to 3 miles as the crow flies (see map) or 4 miles driving from the school. For two or more students from the same address we charge £100 pppw.

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Lesson Plan

English Summer Programme for 5 to 9-year-olds

In Gloucester Gate students learn in dedicated classrooms for this age group from 3rd July - 26th August. From 19th August for two weeks students are based in Regent's Park.​ Each week has a theme for the lessons, the Discover London visits and Friday party. For example: THE NATURAL WORLD, with visits to the London Aquarium or the Natural History Museum.  Morning English classes develop grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking. After sports and play in the park, students develop their English through tasks leading to a final presentation on Friday. For half-day students, it is advised to add an excursion for £50 so students can go on the Wednesday excursion. ​ Students can add the Saturday excursion but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

English Summer Programme for 10 to 17-year-olds

The programme is based in Regent's Park with spacious classrooms and great sports facilities. From 14th August students are based in Gloucester Gate for 2 weeks until the 26th August. ​ Each week has a theme for the lessons, the Discover London visits, and the activities. For example, THE NATURAL WORLD, with visits to the London Aquarium or the Natural History Museum Lessons, build language work around the theme including grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, and speaking.  Together students produce work related to all the learning and the visits, such as a poster, a talk, a play, or even a video. They present their work to the school at the Friday Party.


-Registration fee - £50.00 (Included in the course fee)

Optional Extras.

  • Homestay accommodation: £300 p/w for single students aged 12-17 years old.

  • Door-to-Door School Car Service (£250 p/w)

  • Airport Pick Up (£150 each way)

  • Saturday Trips (£100 per 5-9 child, £75 per adult)

  • Visa letter £25



Session Dates

Wonderful! Good News! You are not going to pay the full fee today, just a small deposit. After paying today, you will first get an enrollment form, and then receive a booking confirmation.

English Day Camp Regents Full Day
Start 6/17/2024
End 6/28/2024
Duration 2 Weeks
Price $1,620.00
English Day Camp Regents Full Day
Start 6/24/2024
End 7/5/2024
Duration 2 Weeks
Price $1,620.00
English Day Camp Regents Full Day
Start 7/1/2024
End 7/12/2024
Duration 2 Weeks
Price $1,620.00
English Day Camp Regents Full Day
Start 7/8/2024
End 7/19/2024
Duration 2 Weeks
Price $1,620.00
English Day Camp Regents Full Day
Start 7/15/2024
End 7/26/2024
Duration 2 Weeks
Price $1,620.00
English Day Camp Regents Full Day
Start 7/29/2024
End 8/9/2024
Duration 2 Weeks
Price $1,620.00
English Day Camp Regents Full Day
Start 8/5/2024
End 8/16/2024
Duration 2 Weeks
Price $1,620.00
English Day Camp Regents Full Day
Start 8/12/2024
End 8/23/2024
Duration 2 Weeks
Price $1,620.00
English Day Camp Regents Full Day
Start 8/19/2024
End 8/30/2024
Duration 2 Weeks
Price $1,620.00

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Hey Best Parents - The kids are having such a great time and I am resting well in beautiful St. Gallen. This has been excellent all around. Thanks again 🙏

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