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Oxbridge Pre-College Online Program in Physics

age icon 13-18 years old

time icon 2 weeks

book icon Weekly hours: 20

Gain Expert Insights in an Oxbridge Pre-College Online Program in Physics

  • The Oxbridge Pre-College Online Program presents a unique opportunity for enthusiastic students to immerse themselves in the awe-inspiring domain of Physics. This programme sets the stage for learners to explore phenomena from classical mechanics to the counterintuitive world of quantum mechanics, understanding the transfer and transformation of energy in thermodynamics, and culminating in a personal project that consolidates their understanding.

  • Participants will be taken on a comprehensive scientific journey that combines virtual seminars, one-on-one tutorials, future skills workshops, and group social activities, all steered by preeminent Oxbridge and Ivy League faculty. Engage with budding physicists from around the globe, receive insights from current Oxbridge undergraduates, and deepen your understanding of Physics with the guidance of accomplished tutors.

Aim of the Online Physics Programme

  • Physics seeks to decipher the fundamental principles of the universe, from the infinitesimally small quantum particles to the grandeur of cosmic galaxies. This programme aims to offer participants a holistic view of key physical concepts, nurturing their analytical and experimental abilities. Dive into a curriculum that synergizes rigorous theoretical frameworks with real-world applications and challenges.

Key Programme Highlights

  • Intimate group sessions ensuring personalized guidance, led by erudite tutors from Oxford, Cambridge, and Ivy League universities.

  • 2 x 30-minute one-on-one tutorials every week.

  • Future Skills Workshops: Enhance critical skills such as personal branding, interview techniques, and academic writing.

  • Over 20 hours of dedicated academic contact time per week.

  • Daily social interactions, steered by Mentors who are current Oxbridge undergraduates, offering relaxation intertwined with insights into academic life at leading global institutions.

  • Comprehensive feedback and personal evaluation provided by your tutor at the end of the programme.

  • Certificate of attendance upon successful completion.

  • Interact with leading physicists from both the UK and the USA, acquiring a diverse and comprehensive perspective on the subject.

Online Program Modules

Module 1: Classical Mechanics

Venture into the laws governing motion and forces. Explore the principles set by Newton and delve into the conservation laws, understanding how they have shaped our comprehension of the physical world.

Module 2: Thermodynamics and States of Matter

Embark on a journey into the realm of energy, heat, and the transformation between different states of matter. Understand the fundamental laws of thermodynamics and their implications on systems at equilibrium.

Module 3: Quantum Mechanics

Plunge into the enigmatic world of quantum physics. Discover the dual nature of particles, the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, and the probabilistic nature of quantum states. Understand how this theory has revolutionized our understanding of the atomic and subatomic worlds.

Module 4: Personal Project

Engage in an individual exploration of a topic or concept in Physics. This project enables participants to apply theoretical knowledge, develop experimental designs, and present their findings, fostering independent research skills.

Choose the Time that Works Best for You

Understanding the global appeal of its courses, the Oxbridge Pre-College Online Program offers two distinct "streams" to cater to varied time zones:

Stream A: 09:00 - 15:00 (UK time)

Stream B: 14:00 - 20:00 (UK time)

What Will the Timetable Look Like?

  • Course Overview / 1:1 Tutorial / Tutor Office Hours

  • Subject Tuition

  • Workshops

  • Activities

  • Self-Work Time

Online Learning Platform - Virtual Classrooms

  • All sessions will be facilitated via Zoom’s education platform, ensuring a smooth and interactive learning journey. Prior to the course, each student will be provided with a welcome kit detailing information about their tutors, mentors, guest speakers, and an overview of their selected program. An interactive timetable, complete with session links, ensures easy access.

  • For our global student community, the dual-stream system promises no missed learning opportunities. Moreover, our collaboration with Ivy League tutors introduces students to a unique perspective, especially those considering future education in the USA.

1:1 Courses with World-Class Tutors

If you're seeking a more personalized learning experience, we also offer 1:1 tailor-made courses with world-class tutors! The dates and specific subjects can be arranged according to your schedule. To make this happen, please reach out to our free advisory.

Example Tutor

Leonard T.

Leonard is a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Physics at the University of Cambridge. Having pursued both his MPhil and PhD at Cambridge, Leonard has garnered significant insights into the intricacies of quantum mechanics and thermodynamics. Since 2017, Leonard has been sharing his passion for physics by teaching courses on Classical Mechanics and Quantum Physics to undergraduates at Cambridge University.

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