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Gain Expert Insights in an Oxbridge Pre-College Online Program in Engineering

The Oxbridge Pre-College Online Program offers an exceptional opportunity for curious students to delve into the multifaceted world of Engineering. Over the course of this programme, learn about the fundamental principles of electrical engineering, control and automation, delve into the world of mechanical structures, and work on a hands-on engineering project.

Participants will engage in a holistic educational experience that merges virtual seminars, one-on-one tutorials, future skills workshops, and group social activities, all guided by distinguished Oxbridge and Ivy League tutors. Connect with fellow learners from across the globe, gain insights from current Oxbridge undergraduates, and sharpen your understanding of Engineering with the expertise of dedicated tutors.

Aim of the Online Engineering Programme

Engineering is the driving force behind our modern world, shaping everything from the devices we use daily to the massive structures that dot our skylines. This programme's objective is to furnish participants with a comprehensive introduction to the field of engineering, emphasizing its breadth, depth, and integral role in innovation and development. Engage in a series of topics that seamlessly blend theory with hands-on learning.

Key Programme Highlights

  • Small group sessions, ensuring personalized attention, led by expert tutors from Oxford, Cambridge, and Ivy League institutions.

  • 2 x 30-minute one-on-one tutorials every week.

  • Future Skills Workshops: Hone essential skills such as personal branding, interview techniques, and academic writing.

  • Over 20 hours of dedicated academic contact time per week.

  • Daily social engagements led by Mentors, who are current Oxbridge undergraduates. This provides a chance not just for relaxation and fun but also to gain insights into life at some of the world's top institutions.

  • Comprehensive feedback and personal evaluation provided by your tutor at the end of the programme.

  • Certificate of attendance upon successful completion.

  • Access to some of the most brilliant minds, both from the UK and the USA, offering a rich, diverse, and global perspective on Engineering.

Online Program Modules

Module 1: Electrical Engineering

Dive into the foundational principles of electrical circuits, components, and systems. This module covers everything from basic circuitry to advanced electronic systems, providing a solid understanding for those aspiring to venture further into the field.

Module 2: Control and Automation Engineering

Discover the intricate world of automated systems and controls. This module delves into the principles behind automation, control theory, and the role of robotics in modern-day engineering projects.

Module 3: Mechanical Engineering

Explore the vast domain of mechanical engineering, understanding the design, analysis, and functionality of mechanical systems. From kinetics to thermodynamics, this module ensures a deep dive into the forces and movements that shape our world.

Module 4: Engineering Project

Engage in a practical engineering task, from conceptualization to execution. Students will work under the guidance of expert tutors to design, plan, and execute a project, culminating in a tangible demonstration of their learning.

Choose the Time that Works Best for You

The Oxbridge Pre-College Online Program recognizes the global community of its learners and offers two distinct "streams" to accommodate different time zones:

Stream A: 09:00 - 15:00 (UK time)

Stream B: 14:00 - 20:00 (UK time)

What Will the Timetable Look Like?

Course Overview / 1:1 Tutorial / Tutor Office Hours

Subject Tuition



Self-Work Time

Online Learning Platform - Virtual Classrooms

To ensure a smooth learning journey, all sessions will be conducted on Zoom’s education platform – a leading virtual classroom software. Prior to the programme's start, each participant will be furnished with a welcome kit containing details about their tutors, mentors, guest speakers, and an overview of their selected programme. An interactive timetable, inclusive of session links, will also be supplied for ease of access.

For students from diverse time zones, our dual-stream system ensures no one misses out on any learning prospects. Moreover, our partnership with Ivy League tutors provides a special opportunity for those keen on further studies in the USA.

1:1 Courses with World-Class Tutors

For those seeking a more intimate learning experience, we also offer 1:1 custom courses with top-tier tutors at the same price! To avail this, please reach out to our free advisory.

Example Tutor

Saul J.

Saul is a Post Doctoral Research Associate spanning the departments of Physics and Engineering at the University of Cambridge. Since 2015, Saul has been instructing Physics to undergraduates at Cambridge University. He anchors his teaching methodology on a core philosophy of cultivating logic, intuition, and a profound physical comprehension of material systems.

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Age Range 13-18 Years
Duration 2 Weeks
Start Dates 9/25/2023 till 11/6/2023
Weekly Course Hours 20 hours


Session Dates

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Online 2 Weeks
Start 9/25/2023
End 10/6/2023
Duration 2 Weeks
Price $3,050.00
Online 2 Weeks
Start 10/9/2023
End 10/20/2023
Duration 2 Weeks
Price $3,050.00
Online 2 Weeks
Start 10/23/2023
End 11/3/2023
Duration 2 Weeks
Price $3,050.00
Online 2 Weeks
Start 11/6/2023
End 11/17/2023
Duration 2 Weeks
Price $3,050.00

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