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Immerse Education Artificial Intelligence at Oxford University

Dates and Tuition

Please check the course dates carefully as each course's schedule and holidays may be different.

Weekly course hours – 20

Age Range - 16-18 yrs

Session DatesDuration
2 weeks
2 weeks
2 weeks

Course Overview

Whether you're a creative or a technical person, the Artificial Intelligence summer course is a great way to get started with AI. If you're interested in AI, machine learning, and the future of technology, this program is for you.

Campus Overview

In small groups of like-minded and ambitious peers from across the world, you will explore innovative topics and share ideas. You will be taught by professional teachers who have polished their skills via teaching undergraduate students at world-renowned universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, and Harvard in small class sizes averaging 7 people.

A thorough screening procedure ensures that all participants are taught by engaging and helpful instructors who are eager to share their knowledge and skills in order to assure the greatest possible quality of summer school instruction. Immerse is a once-in-a-lifetime academic opportunity.

Example Modules

  • Module 1 - Ethics of AI
  • Module 2 - Applications of AI
  • Module 3 - AI and Machine learning
  • Module 4 - Artificial Intelligence and Playing Games


Workshops are designed to help participants realize their full potential by providing them with the skills they need to prepare for the next steps in their education and their long-term aspirations. You'll improve your study abilities in preparation for future university studies.

These courses cover a wide range of subjects, ranging from 'Productivity Tips' to '21st Century Technology Skills.' You can be sure that you'll learn something new. Immerse, unlike traditional institutions, allows you to study outside of the classroom.

Key Facts

  • The average class size is seven students.
  • A maximum class size of ten students is allowed.
  • 1:1 counseling
  • Academic programs that are supportive, challenging, and fun
  • Develop a practical knowledge of your topic.
  • Tutors from across the world
  • Oxford and Cambridge academics
  • A certificate and a full participant assessment are included.
  • Every participant receives a personalized report from their instructor.
  • Create a personal project that you will present at the conclusion of the semester.
  • Get a taste of Oxbridge life.
  • Live and learn as if you were an Oxbridge student.
  • Improve critical academic abilities
  • Interviewing techniques, academic writing, and public speaking

Activities Offered

You have a busy and diverse social schedule outside of classes to help you make the most of your time in Oxford. Punting on the River Cam, zorb football, and a murder mystery night at the college are among the activities available.

During the program, there are two possible excursions: one day trip to Oxford and its constituent colleges, and an optional day trip to London to view the city's most recognized monuments as well as some free time for shopping. Those who do not like to travel to London are welcomed to Oxford for afternoon tea.

The staff of friendly mentors lead activities and excursions, with the primary goal of maximizing your experience.


Every institution has a customary weekly luncheon known as Formal Hall. Students will be able to dress up and dine by candlelight in the wonderful settings of an Oxford University college dining hall.

As an Immerse student, you will have formal dinner three times throughout your stay: once a week in Oxford and once on an excursion day at a Cambridge University college.

Remember to dress up for formal hall because it is a once-in-a-lifetime event.


A few weeks before their arrival, all participants will be assigned to a college based on their dates and topic preferences.

Included with Course

  • 13 nights lodging in a University of Cambridge/Oxford central college

  • College Hall serves breakfast and dinner.

  • Individual bedrooms are available.

  • 40 hours of academic sessions with teachers from Oxford and Cambridge universities

  • Study and teaching resources that have been carefully prepared

  • Access to support materials and a mentorship program

  • All excursions, including a formal dinner at one of Cambridge's or Oxford's colleges, punting, and croquet

  • Summer school insurance that covers everything

  • 2 bus trips, one of which includes a trip to London for the graduation ceremony and diploma.

  • Tutor's detailed evaluation Immerse notepad and pen 

  • Mentor family photos

Covid Policy

Immerse Education is currently fully functioning, and the summer programs are running smoothly. They are working closely with our Cambridge University host colleges to keep all participants and staff as safe as possible while adhering to UK government recommendations and regulations.

IE is still accepting applications, and we hope to see all of you in Cambridge this summer

Note that the UK government's guideline on Covid-19 is subject to change at any time, thus Immerse Education may provide revisions.

Cancellation Policy

The following criteria apply to the cancellation of a Course booking by a Course student.

All cancellations must be made in writing and take effect as soon as it is received them.

All deposit payments are final, and under no circumstances will the £695.00 deposit be refunded.

If you discontinue your Course before the start date, the balance of your Course expenses, minus the deposit amount, will be reimbursed proportionally as shown in the table below:

Time before the start date / Total amount refunded: 

  • 120 days+ / 100%
  • 90 days to 119 days / 50%
  • 45 to 89 days / 10%
  • 0 to 44 days / 0%

If the Student is unable to complete the Course for any reason, no refunds will be given unless the cancellation is done in line with the camp's policies.

IE has the right to cancel a Course for any reason at any time. If a class is canceled, IE is solely responsible for the entire Course price. Please keep this in mind when making other commitments for the class, such as airline, hotel, and vehicle arrangements, since IE is not liable for compensation. If the event is canceled, IE will make every attempt to notify you as soon as possible.

In order to compensate transaction fees incurred while returning funds, IE has the right to apply a cancellation fee of £45.

Session Dates

Any course for a student under the age of 18 includes a transportation option.
Our packages are designed to be all-inclusive. We will contact you after checkout with info of exact items included.

Artificial Intelligence at ...7/3/20227/16/20222 weeks£4,995.00
Artificial Intelligence at ...7/17/20227/30/20222 weeks£4,995.00
Artificial Intelligence at ...7/31/20228/13/20222 weeks£4,995.00
Artificial Intelligence at Oxford University
Start Date7/3/2022
End Date7/16/2022
Duration2 weeks

Artificial Intelligence at Oxford University
Start Date7/17/2022
End Date7/30/2022
Duration2 weeks

Artificial Intelligence at Oxford University
Start Date7/31/2022
End Date8/13/2022
Duration2 weeks
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