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About the provider: "Prime" - Founded 1956 with the vision of bringing the finest American Education to the heart of Europe, 750 students who speak 35+ languages. Accredited by IBO, CIS and NEASC.

age icon 4-6 years old

time icon 4 weeks

book icon Weekly hours: 20

Discover the wonders of becoming a global citizen this summer with our Minnows Kids Program in Switzerland! Tailored for young, enthusiastic learners, this program offers an immersive experience in a dynamic, interactive classroom setting, fostering a close-knit community of diverse students.

  • Whole-Brain Learning: Our child-directed program focuses on an immersive learning approach, integrating movement and hands-on activities.
  • Small Class Sizes: Emphasis on spoken language, with close attention to each child's learning pace.
  • Practical Language Use: Off-campus excursions for real-world language application, plus advancement in writing and reading simple sentences.
  • Dynamic Curriculum: Adapts quickly to students' learning progress, boosting confidence in language acquisition.
  • Multilingual Courses: Options to learn Italian, French, or English, fostering a lifelong passion for languages.
  • Weekly STEAM Lessons: Led by certified teachers, blending science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics with language learning.

Ideal for children who thrive in group environments, the Minnows Program promises an unforgettable summer of learning and growth. Please note that our facilities are not designed for children with special needs requiring individualized attention.

Join us for an extraordinary journey of language and discovery!

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  • Campus located on the Collina d’Oro in Montagnola, overlooking Lugano, amidst Swiss mountains and Lake Lugano.

  • The program is held in our beautiful Early Childhood Center, Al Focolare. Just 200 meters down the hill from the main school campus, Al Focolare is a spacious and inviting location for learning. 

  • Nestled amidst nature's grandeur, the campus blends historic and modern architecture, symbolizing a deep appreciation for art, history, and human aspiration.

  • Combines 17th-century relics with eco-friendly structures, encouraging students to value and seek genuine beauty in their lives.

What's Included

  • Standard Day program Monday–Friday from 8:45 to 15:00

  • Extended Day program Monday–Friday from 8:45 to 17:30, very active with walks, trips, and science projects

  • Choose between English, French, or Italian as main language course, take part in STEAM, arts, music and dance

  • Take nature walks and explore our beautiful surroundings

  • Explore Ticino on day-trips and cultural visits including museums, falconry, and organic farms

  • Day student fees include tuition, books, daily excursions, and meals.


  • Outdoor Activities: Focus on gross motor skills, including playground play, sandbox construction, and soccer.
  • Indoor Activities: Concentrate on fine motor skills, usually involving teacher-directed sensory and art experiences.


  • Weekly trips for exploring local areas.
  • Alpine farm visits, nature walks in Montagnola woods, downtown Lugano tour, Swissminiatur Park, Bellinzona castles.
  • Hosting from the Apiary, learning fun facts about bees.

Lesson Plan


  • Language Introduction: Young students engage with Italian, French, or English through playful methods like music and games.
  • Creative Activities: Mornings feature singing classes and arts and crafts sessions to enhance language learning.
  • Focused Language Classes: Dedicated time for structured language learning.


  • Rest Period: Post-lunch downtime for relaxation.
  • Vocabulary Enrichment: Learning through science classes and engaging in special projects.
  • Special Events: Preparation for unique events like Circus Day and a Renaissance Fair.
  • Local Explorations: Visits to significant sites such as Bellinzona Castles, downtown Lugano, and Swissminiatur for practical language use and cultural immersion.

Minnows Daily Schedule

Kids have the opportunity to attend as either a Standard Day or Extended Day student:


  • 08:45 - Minnows arrive to lower campus
  • 09:00 - Morning meeting
  • 09:20 - Interactive music class
  • 09:50 - Language class
  • 11:15 - Indoor/outdoor activities
  • 12:00 - Mindfulness time
  • 12:15 - Three-course lunch
  • 13:00 - Rest hour
  • 14:00 - Story & activities
  • 15:00 - Standard-day Minnows depart


  • 15:00 - Transition to main campus
  • 16:30 - Snack & arts hour
  • 17:00 - Singing
  • 17:30 - Extended-day Minnows depart

Italian language:

  • Italian classes focused on Ticino's culture and language, Switzerland's only Italian-speaking canton.
  • Teaches vocabulary and phrases for use off-campus, including ordering gelato, alongside Italian culture.
  • Suitable for beginning or intermediate learners.

French language:

  • Introduces students to diverse French-speaking countries and cultures.
  • Focuses on vocabulary and phrases to boost student confidence in French.
  • Ideal for beginning or intermediate learners.

English language:

  • English as the primary language of instruction and communication throughout the program.
  • Offers ample time for students to practice and enhance their English skills.
  • Small class sizes, accommodating beginning, intermediate, and advanced learners.


  • Key Ingredients: Play and creativity are central, fostering interaction, problem-solving, innovation, and laughter.
  • Benefits: Enhances bonding, verbal and non-verbal communication among children.
  • Choice Time: Students can engage in open-ended play with a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.


Fees do not include personal spending, uncovered medical and accident expenses, or personal travel costs.

Pocket Money Advice: You can bring cash on arrival or send via credit card or bank transfer. CHF 40–50 per week for children up to 10 years old is recommended.

Health and Accident Insurance:

  • Must have their own insurance or apply for Health and Accident Insurance if non-Swiss residents.

  • Unlimited coverage, no deductibles, applicable only for illnesses developed during the session.

  • Dental and eye care are not included.


  • On-site Health Center with three nurses offering 24/7 care.

  • Close proximity to Civico Hospital for emergency care.

  • Communication required for any concerns about over-the-counter medications.

  • Health and Accident Insurance mandatory for boarding students; non-residents can apply for "Health and Accident Insurance Plan".

  • Day students need their own insurance or can apply for "Health and Accident Insurance Plan" if non-Swiss residents, with unlimited coverage but excluding dental and eye care.


  • Teacher Recommendation (form provided during enrolment)


Watch the video to have a sneak peek for your child’s adventures!

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