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About the provider: "Exquisite" - Since 1904, in the Engadin near St Moritz, accredited IB, IGCSE, Swiss Matura bilingual

age icon 10-16 years old

time icon 4 weeks

book icon Weekly lessons: 28

Learn a language or improve your digital skills in the morning and choose your favourite activity from our holiday programme in the afternoon. This summer will be unforgettable - here in the extraordinary Summer Camp in Switzerland . The Summer Camp is a combination of language classes or digital skills lessons and various free-time activities. In the mornings, participants learn German, English or French or immerse themselves in the digital skills world with robotics and programming courses. In the afternoon, they can look forward to an enriching programme according to their interests – all in the breathtaking scenery of the Swiss Alps. In the evening and at weekends we offer an attractive mixture of leisure, entertainment and sport.

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The school campus, which is located in the upper part of the village of Zuoz, covers 130,000 m2 and consists of 12 buildings. These include houses for the boarding school students, sports fields, two ice fields, tennis courts, golf driving range, media library, theatre, art and music rooms, dining hall and student cafe, as well as the administrative offices, parking lots and outdoor areas. Zuoz itself has five ski lifts and a golf course.

What's Included

The fees include 28 language or digital skills lessons and 8 hours of additional study. This also includes round-the-clock supervision, learning and teaching materials, accommodation in single or double rooms on-campus, full board, laundry service, 3 – 4 hours daily of various summer activities (depending on booking), pick-up service Zurich Airport to Zuoz and back, sports equipment (excl. golf equipment) and evening and weekend activities.

A language or digital skills course certificate and a report of the chosen programme at the end of the camp are of course an integral part of the service. Golf equipment can be rented on-site and costs CHF 350 per camp.

For a stay of four weeks, supervision and overnight accommodation are provided from Friday to Sunday.


Sports, digital workshop, acting classes, golf, football - there is something for everyone at the Summer Camps. Summer in the Switzerland, in the canton of Graubünden, is worth seeing for the landscape alone. Alpine streams invite you to go rafting, the campus comes to life, and the landscape with its towering mountains is the perfect backdrop for all outdoor activities. Also, the school has several sports fields and its own theatre with professional equipment. Our tutors are professionals in various sports and workshops and can give students valuable guidance.

Overview of potential activities

  • Ropes park
  • Hiking
  • Football or volleyball
  • Swimming and sailing
  • Archery
  • Dance and yoga
  • River rafting
  • Rock climbing


Our groups are formed according to performance level and make it possible to support each individual exactly where he or she needs it. For example, if you are holding a golf club in your hands for the first time, you will certainly not join a team with someone who already has a very good handicap. Our tutors are consider the children’s wishes and needs and nurture their talents and their own chosen focus.

Indoors or outdoors

In the summer, there is rarely bad weather here in the Engadine so that all activities can take place. However, our team will organise an attractive alternative programme in adverse weather conditions.


Students can choose to be in a single or double room with a student of the same age.


Residential accommodation includes breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. The camp can cater for all dietary requirements.


  • Ropes park
  • Hiking
  • St. Moritz Lake
  • River Inn


We offer a pick-up service, for which you can sign up when you register. In this way, children are guaranteed safe transportation between Zurich Airport and Zuoz.

Lesson Plan

Your Morning Course Language tuition in English, German and French or Robotics & Programming.

The course takes place in the morning.

1-Language Courses

German, English, French - or simply international? The best way to learn a language is to hear and speak it daily. Standard teaching, as practised in most schools, often does not exhaust the full learning potential of the students. The language course classes are very small and homogeneous so that all participants learn at the right level in and about the topics that interest them. The German, English and French courses take place every morning before the activities. Which language you choose is up to you and must be specified when you register. All language levels are welcome and will be divided into different groups according to their level.

English course: Do you want to learn the basics, improve grammar, refine your language style, learn for your final exams or work on your own strengths and weaknesses? We offer different groups for the various performance levels of our students. Our qualified teachers are native speakers and arrange the lessons in small groups tailoring them according to their needs. German course: German grammar is quite complicated for non-native speakers. Depending on their level of proficiency, we teach the basics of the language, deepen their knowledge with practical topics, practice writing and speaking in small groups and prepare participants for more complicated tasks such as interpreting German literature for German language diplomas in their respective schools. French course: Our various French courses are equally suitable for beginners and advanced students. They are designed according to the level of the participants. While the beginners’ course teaches the basics, the advanced courses aim to expand vocabulary, encourage students to speak the language and gain their first experiences with literary texts.

2-Digital Skills — Robotics & Programming

You can choose from three course options:

1.Build your own digital game with Python or Scratch: ​“Easily pick up a powerful and fast computer language” Students are introduced to computer programming using one of the most popular professional programming languages on the market. Python is easy to pick up, whether a student is a first-time programmer or experienced with other languages. For younger students, we will start with MIT’s Scratch to allow students to more easily assemble blocks of code. 2. Digital storytelling ​“Create your own digital story or advocacy video” In this course, students acquire real world hands-on experience in producing digital movies using their camera and computer. Explore the art and technology of digital filmmaking, including special effects using state-of-the-art video editing software, culminating in your own digital story or advocacy video for an issue you are passionate about. 3. Adventures in robotics with Arduino: ​“Build and program your own robot!” Robots have an increasing presence in our daily lives. Whether a student is interested in digital intelligence or is a fan of Star War’s R2-D2, this course will allow him/​her to build a robot and then learn hands-on robotic programming with ​“Arduino”, a very popular robot programming language.

Your Afternoon Programme Film Acting & Performance , Milan Academy Football Camp, Sports & Activities or **Golf Training **.

One afternoon programme per camp.

1-Action! Film & Performance

Who doesn’t know him? Gian Franco Tordi (Ocean’s Twelve and other Hollywood productions as well as the school alumnus) will return to his old home for a few weeks this summer and will take over the direction of the film workshop at our holiday camp. So, while you perfect your skills in one of the three available foreign languages in the mornings, you will learn everything about theatre, film and acting in the afternoons – from a real professional! Here are some examples of the course contents:

  • Acting warm-up exercises (body & mind)
  • Stage presence vs acting in front of the camera
  • Camera settings and acting techniques (facial expressions)
  • Cooperation with the director on stage
  • Public speaking
  • Improvisation
  • Comedic expression
  • Shoot and take home your own short film

The course is held mainly in English.

2-Goal! – Milan Academy Football Camp

Every day during the two-week camp, the coaches will host approximately 18 training sessions for junior players of every level. The highly-trained professional coaches, with years of experience, from Milan Academy Junior Camp will take all of the students, both boys and girls, through their state-of-the-art, technical training sessions on the pitch. All participants will develop new skills, hone existing talents and learn real team values. Here are a few of the skills and activities that players will practise every day as a group during the camp:

  • Controlling the ball and body orientation
  • Passing and receiving
  • Coordination skills and drills
  • Feints and dribbling
  • Accuracy and power in shooting
  • Individual tactics and team play
  • Cognitive exercises
  • Small-sided games
  • Technical challenges
  • Playing games and tournaments
  • Learn by having fun

3-Sports & Activities

Participants will be doing different types of sport on the campus and in the Engadine valley. The activities could include:

  • Rope park
  • Forest experience
  • Bowling and climbing
  • Archery parkour
  • Swimming and Sailing
  • River Rafting
  • Excursions
  • Sports on the campus
  • Mini Olympic games
  • Martial Arts

4-Hole in one! – Golf Training

Participants who book our golf programme can expect a 3-hour training session every day in a small group of up to 10 players. A well-maintained 18-hole golf course is within walking distance of the school and offers a breathtaking view of the Swiss Alps. All levels of ability are welcome here – from absolute beginners to players with handicaps. Qualified Swiss PGA Pros from Golf Engadin St. Moritz give the training sessions at the Summer Camp. These are individually adapted to the performance level. The offer is aimed at kids between the ages of 10 and 16.


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