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Exquisite Swiss Boarding School

age icon 12-19 years old

time icon 53 weeks

The school philosophy

Our school philosophy is devoted to the individual advancement of every single person. We value motivation, critical thinking and creativity which are key to the learning experience. In-depth exchanges with our teachers, counsellors and tutors help our students recognise and develop their strengths to maximise their performance.


With the help of our global network, our students can study at the most prestigious universities from countries around the world once they graduate.

Swiss Matura

The standard high school diploma in Switzerland is the Swiss Matura. It qualifies graduates to study at all universities within Switzerland and is internationally recognised.

Our students prepare for the Matura in a six-year or four-year programme. In addition to a comprehensive education, including arts and sciences, this diploma requires students to study several major subjects in-depth. The Swiss Matura can be completed either exclusively in German or bilingually with the choice of German/​English or Italian/​German.

Bilingual Swiss Matura German/​English

Since the school year 2015/16, students have had the opportunity to complete the bilingual German/​English Matura programme during their last three years of high school. A three-week language stay in an English-speaking region is required to graduate.

Maturità Bilingue Grigionese Italian/​German

Students whose native language is Italian can take the Swiss Matura ​“Maturità Bilingue Grigionese” in Italian and German.

International Baccalaureate

High school diploma taught in English with an emphasis on Ethics and Business

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is an international education programme that prepares students primarily for English-speaking universities. It focusses on fostering independent learning and critical thinking to develop mature, critically-minded people.

Academic tutorial programme

Each student of the IB Diploma is assigned to an Academic Tutor, who assists whenever needed and monitors performance. Tutors have access to all relevant information about the student. They are in close contact with teachers and parents.

CAS programme

The CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) programme is central to the IB programme. It aims to involve students in meaningful activities outside school that support personal growth and encourage self-reflection about their learning experiences.

LGT workshop

The workshop aims to introduce young minds to the basics of project management, philanthropy and fundraising as well as provide guidance in making decisions about their CAS activities.

Pre-IGCSE and IGCSE programme

The 7th and 8th grades lay a solid foundation in the core subjects and in the 9th and 10th grades we follow the IGCSE curriculum, which is the ideal preparation for the IB Diploma Programme and the IB Career-Related Programme.

IB Career-Related Programme

This is a combination of academic courses from the International Baccalaureate and an accredited business and practice-oriented study programme.

The IB Career-Related Programme (IBCP) is a new, innovative programme for students aged 16 – 19 years. The final two years focus on career-related and applied learning in Business, preparing students to pursue a university degree in this area.

The Zuoz business programme

The programme is characterised by its practical relevance and its visionary focus on Business. After successful completion of the programme, students can think critically and creatively as well as communicate clearly and effectively. They can apply their knowledge to real-life scenarios and situations and will have developed excellent research and presentation skills. Likewise, they will develop a global outlook for the future and acquire strong academic and professional skills.

Internship partner

Essential for practical application – the right partner. The school continually explores and builds internship partnerships. Internships are available to our students and are awarded through a competitive selection process.

IBCP – all in

  • A BTEC Level 3 Diploma Programme with a total of 18 weekly lessons in Business

  • Two (or more) subjects from the regular IB Diploma Programme

  • A CP Core Programme consisting of four components: Personal & Professional Skills, Service Learning, Language Development and Reflective Project

The CP Diploma is recognised by many renowned universities and provides a solid foundation for academic and professional success.

University Destinations


Bishop’s University McGill University (2) Queen’s University University of Guelph University of Ottawa University of Toronto

University of Toronto, Mississauga University of Toronto, Scarborough (2) University of Waterloo

University of Victoria


Universität Vienna – A

IE University – E (3)

Saint Louis University, Madrid – E American University of Paris - F

Bocconi University – I

Cattolica Universitá – I (AK18)

LUISS – I (AK 18)

Erasmus University College – NL (2) Fonty’s Univ of Applied Sciences – NL Han University of Applied Sciences – NL Maastricht University – NL (2, 1 AK19) Tilburg University – NL

TU Delft – NL

University College Roosevelt – NL University of Groningen – NL (2) Webster University Leiden – NL


Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) (2) ETH (4, 1 conditional)

Institute of Finance & Management International University at Geneva Luzern University of Applied Sciences SBS Swiss Business School (2)

United International Business School (4) Universität Bern (2)

University of St Gallen (HsG)

(3, 2 conditional)

Universität Zürich (5, 1 conditional)


Brunel University

*Cardiff University – AK 17

City, University of London (2)

*Durham University (2, 1 AK 17) Goldsmith’s, University of London Hult International Business School (2)

*Imperial College, University of London *King’s College, University of London

(8, 2 AK 19, 1 AK 18)

Lancaster University (3, 1 AK 17) Loughborough University *Newcastle University (2) Northumbria University

*Queen Mary University of London (3) Royal Holloway, University of London (4) University of Bath (2, 1 AK 17) *University of Birmingham

*University College London (UCL) (4) University of East Anglia

*University of Edinburgh *University of Exeter

*University of Glasgow University of Kent

University of Leicester *University of Manchester (2) *University of Nottingham University of St Andrews (2) *University of Southampton University of Surrey

University of Sussex (3) University of the Arts London University of Westminster


Babson College, MA

Boston University, MA

Carthage College, WI

Chapman University, CA

Fordham University, NY

Loyola Marymount University, CA New York University (ED) – AK 19

Northeastern University, MA – US AK 19 Purdue University, IN

Roanoke College, VA

Rollins College, FL

Suffolk University, MA

Tuition Fees Approximately

Cost overview of the boys:

Boarding Fee (Y7-Y8) Double Room:

89000 CHF

Boarding Fee (Y9-Y10) Double Room:

89000 CHF

Boarding Fee (Y9-Y10) Single Room:

99500 CHF

Boarding Fee (Y11-Y12) Single Room:

103000 CHF

**Admission Fee **

1500 CHF

Enrolment Deposit:

16000 CHF

Overview of costs for girls:

Boarding Fee (Y7-Y8) Double Room:

92500 CHF

Boarding Fee (Y9-Y10) Double Room:

92500 CHF

Boarding Fee (Y9-Y10) Single Room:

103000 CHF

Boarding Fee (Y11-Y12) Single Room:

106500 CHF

Boarding Fee (Y11-Y12) Double Room:

96000 CHF

**Admission Fee **

1500 CHF

Enrolment Deposit:

16000 CHF

& More

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