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Leysin American Academic, Sport or Language Program for Young Learners

Dates and Tuition

Please check the course dates carefully as each course's schedule and holidays may be different.

Weekly course hours – 15

Age Range - 10-17 yrs

Session DatesDuration
3 weeks
6 weeks
3 weeks

Leysin American School summer camp offers tailor made programs for young learners, ages 10-17, among unique courses from English or French programs to maker-space, nature of math, unsolved mysteries programs, from tennis to mountain leadership development programs in a beautiful ski village of Switzerland.

Are you an explorer, transformer, problem solver, speaker or achiever?

Pack Your Bags and Be One of the Happy Summer Campers in Switzerland. Leysin American Boarding School summer programs are tailored to the specific interests of each student and provide a great way to explore areas close to their hearts. Ready to discover?

Students, ages 10 -17, have the opportunity to take courses related to their chosen field of interest.

Explorers learn about legendary explorers and expeditions.

Transformers learn about the people and inventions that changed the world.

Problem Solvers learn what it takes to solve puzzles and overcome tricky challenges.

Speakers sharpen their language skills in English or French.

Achievers push the limits of their physical boundaries.

These programs are a great way for students to explore educational topics that they may not have been exposed to during their regular academic year.

Why It is a Great Choice

  • A safe place to develop independence, gain resilience, build self-confidence and make lifelong friends.

  • Among colorful and unique programs, to be able to discover what makes young learners’ hearts, beating for.

  • A close-knit, family community in an international environment, with students from all over the world that foster open-mindedness, respect and responsibility.

Let’s Zoom into Leysin American Academic, Sport or Language Program for Young Learners


Leysin American Boarding School campus is tucked away in the beautiful mountain town of Leysin, Switzerland. It provides the ideal environment for students, faculty, and staff to learn together in a safe, residential community in the Swiss Alps.

With access to technologically advanced classrooms and facilities, a stunning outdoor environment, and a welcoming Swiss community, our students are perfectly situated to engage in interactive learning, athletics, cultural exploration, and connection with the great outdoors.

Course Description

In Leysin American Summer Camp, you will first choose from three morning programs: the Language Track , the Academic Track, or the Sports Track.

Next you'll choose your afternoon club, followed by an afternoon activity!

Language Track (English or French)

The Language Track is an intensive course which immerses students in their chosen language (English or French) in order to increase skills, confidence, and ability. Students are divided by age and ability within each group. This program will also require students to do an afternoon club focusing on building their language skills.

Academic Track

The Academic Track is made up of three programs: the Maker-space Program, the Nature of Math Program, and the Unsolved Mysteries Program.

MAKER-SPACE PROGRAM Students spend the first few days learning 3D modeling using Tinkercad and begin 3D printing in the first week.The second week will be used for upcycling projects: using recycled materials or a laser cutter to create interesting art pieces or practical items

NATURE OF MATH PROGRAM In this course, students reach beyond formulas and computations to explore the mathematics behind patterns, relationships, and real-world problems.

UNSOLVED MYSTERIES PROGRAM Students in the Unsolved Mysteries class work on improving basic academic skills that will transfer to the school year (such as touch typing, note taking, citation, and public speaking) through their exploration of this course's content

Sport Track

TENNIS PROGRAM The LAS Summer Tennis Program offers a quality tennis camp for all ages and abilities. Players will flourish through challenging and fun training on court. The program will also increase their personal and social skills while interacting with coaches and fellow tennis players.

MOUNTAIN LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (MLDP) The LAS Mountain Leadership Development Program (MLDP) promotes environmental responsibility and awareness, while developing resilience, confidence, leadership, and communication skills through a variety of vigorous outdoor activities. Students can earn points towards their Duke of Edinburgh award.

Clubs & Activities

LAS Summer Clubs are a great way to expand interests and meet new friends from outside morning programs. Options will include Cooking and Baking, Music and Art, and Team Sports and Fitness. 

Afternoon activities add extra variety to students' daily schedules. Options may include, (but are not limited to!) arts and crafts, biking, hiking and climbing, dance, team sports, horseback riding, games, music, and more!

All students also have the opportunity to participate in excursions throughout the summer! Some of the past exciting trips we have offered include Zermatt, Bern, Interlaken, Zurich!


Each LAS Summer in Switzerland dorm is home to students and several live-in faculty members. These staff members are available throughout the summer to ensure our students have access to guidance, care, and support throughout their time in Leysin.

Students will also experience the summer with a roommate. Living with a roommate is a particularly valuable experience as it teaches students about new cultures, how to live respectfully and harmoniously with someone else, and most importantly it offers the potential of a lifelong friendship. Most of our students say that living with other students and making new friends from around the world is their favorite part of summer school.

Getting to Leysin American School

LAS Summer in Switzerland provides transportation from Geneva Airport on official arrival and departure days. 

Flights should arrive and depart between 09:00 and 18:00. Our staff members will be at the airport all day on official arrival days and will have a meeting point at the LAS Summer in Switzerland welcome booth located in the Arrival Hall. 

If your child cannot arrive on an official arrival date, there is an additional charge of CHF 300 per student per transfer to arrange special transport to the school.

Fees Include:

Fees cover full room and board, regular instruction, use of computers, loan of required books,excursions, activities, certificate of completion (can be used for resumes or college applications), accident/health liability insurance coverage, and transfer to and from Geneva Airport on specified travel days. Fees do not cover transfers to and from Geneva Airport any day other than specified travel days, transfer to and from any other city, optional activities, dry cleaning, or similar expenses of a personal nature.

Session Dates

Any course for a student under the age of 18 includes a transportation option.
Our packages are designed to be all-inclusive. We will contact you after checkout with info of exact items included.

LAS Summer Standard ...6/26/20237/14/20233 weeksCHF 8,100.00
LAS Summer Standard ...6/26/20238/4/20236 weeksCHF 15,000.00
LAS Summer Standard ...7/16/20238/4/20233 weeksCHF 8,100.00
LAS Summer Standard 3 Weeks
Start Date6/26/2023
End Date7/14/2023
Duration3 weeks
PriceCHF 8,100.00

LAS Summer Standard 6 Weeks
Start Date6/26/2023
End Date8/4/2023
Duration6 weeks
PriceCHF 15,000.00

LAS Summer Standard 3 Weeks
Start Date7/16/2023
End Date8/4/2023
Duration3 weeks
PriceCHF 8,100.00
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