Sustainability Summer Camps for High School Students

Transforming the World through Sustainable Practices

Sustainability summer camps offer high school students a unique opportunity to explore the critical field of environmental stewardship. Through engaging lectures, hands-on projects, and field trips, participants gain a deep understanding of the challenges and solutions in creating a more sustainable future. Our carefully curated selection of programs, hosted at prestigious universities in the UK and USA, provides an immersive learning experience that inspires and empowers the next generation of environmental leaders.

Empowering Students to Make a Difference

At sustainability summer camps, students delve into topics such as renewable energy, conservation, green technology, and environmental policy. They collaborate with like-minded peers and learn from expert faculty who provide individualized feedback and mentorship. Through small-group projects and personal capstone assignments, participants develop practical skills and create meaningful solutions to real-world sustainability challenges. These transformative experiences not only enhance college applications but also equip students with the knowledge and passion to make a lasting impact on the world.

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Climate, Politics and Leadership Program - Oxford University

Oxford, UK

Explore climate leadership at historic Oxford University. Learn from experts, develop solutions for the '2023 Oxford Accords'. Immerse in the true Oxford experience, from colleges to city explorations, creating lifelong friendships. Unforgettable enrichment awaits!

About the provider: "Premium" - Top pre-college experience creator, accredited by BAC, British Council, has won The Queen's Award for Enterprise

13-15 Years Old

2 weeks

July and August

Overnight Camp


For boys and girls

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Deadline: Rolling

from £6,900

Limited Seats

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Environmental Studies - UC Berkeley

Berkeley, USA

Experience the captivating world of Ecology at our pre-college program on UC Berkeley's campus. Discover solutions to environmental challenges, explore bay area ecosystems, and embark on educational excursions. Prepare for green careers and become an advocate for our planet. Enjoy campus life and diverse activities.

About the provider: "Exclusive" - Founded 2004, established provider of Ivy League and California colleges experiences. Thousands of satisfied students from 50+ countries.

14-18 Years Old

Coming Soon

Overnight Camp


For boys and girls

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Deadline: Rolling

from $3,297

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