Pioneering Pre-College Academic Exploration and Skill Development Program for High Schoolers at Leys School in Cambridge

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Course Description

Young Cambridge Scholars gives students advanced university-level learning through a combination of subject study, an inspiring lecture programme and educational study tours and activities. This is a challenging course for students who excel academically and wish to progress to a top English-speaking university in the future. It aims to maximise their potential for success by supporting students to develop advanced subject-level knowledge and academic skills expected in higher education so they are ready to succeed at university.


Established in 1875, The Leys School is one of the most prestigious private schools in Cambridge, with many of their students progressing to world-class universities.

It is located in the heart of the city, close to the Fitzwilliam Museum and several of the University of Cambridge colleges, and has extensive grounds with contemporary residential accommodation, outstanding sports facilities and a modern teaching block.

However long you will be studying with us, we hope that The Leys will inspire students to aim high as they learn the English language and develop essential skills for learning, life and work.

What's Included

The course includes:

- 32 hours of university-level subject study, including topics such as mathematics, international relations, science, and British Literature

- 10 hours of academic skills, such as critical thinking and independent study skills

- 12 hours of lectures, with speakers from the University of Cambridge

Extracurricular activities on campus include basketball, drama, football, journalism, and photography in Cambridge.

Food and Accommodation:

- Accommodations offered include a mix of singles, doubles, and dormitories, with separate facilities for boys and girls.

- A houseparent lives in each accommodation building.

- All meals and laundry service are included.

Campus facilities:

- The Leys is a prestigious 142 year-old school located in the city center of the university town of Cambridge.

- Classrooms are bright and many have the latest technology such as interactive whiteboards.

- There is also a dining room, computer study center, student common areas, cookery room, art room, and on-site sports fields including a tennis court and synthetic football pitch.

Outside trips:

- Each session includes a full-day excursion to the dynamic capital city of London. Students have the opportunity to visit

Starting From


Age Range 14-17 Years
Duration 2 Weeks
Weekly Course Hours 42 hours

The activity programme is an integral part of the course and allows students to practise what they have learnt and develop a natural, fluent use of the language. Students on the Young Cambridge Scholars course will have opportunities to enjoy these activities:

  • Sports ranging from football and basketball to tennis and cricket
  • Creative arts ranging from T-shirt painting to photography
  • Evening activities like school discos, fashion shows and quiz nights There will also be a formal dinner hosted at a University of Cambridge college, exclusively for Young Cambridge Scholars students.

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We want to make sure your child has everything they need to maximise their potential for success at our shcool. Boys and girls have separate accommodation blocks on site, each with a dedicated houseparent to ensure 24/7 supervision and care throughout their time in here.

Accommodation blocks are separate for boys and girls. At The Leys, there are single, twin and dormitory rooms available, including beds, wardrobe, chest of drawers and chairs. Where possible, we mix nationalities in bedrooms, so students are encouraged to practise their English and learn more about another culture.

Access to bathrooms are also separate for boys and girls, as well as for junior and senior courses. There are shared showers and toilet facilities, which are situated at strategic points throughout the accommodation.

Bedrooms and bathrooms are cleaned regularly, with fresh bed linen provided weekly. Students are responsible for making sure their room is tidy and will have regular room inspections. There is a free laundry service for machine washable clothes once a week.

Nutritious meals

Students are offered a choice of nutritious food at each mealtime; breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every menu includes a selection of hot and cold items including fresh fruit and vegetables. Packed lunches are provided on study tours.

Snacks are available during break times and at each evening house meeting. If your child has a dietary requirement associated to an allergy, please let us know so we can accommodate this.

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There is no better way to learn about British life and culture than to experience it for yourself.  Study tours also play an important role in our learning approach. Students prepare for their study tour in class and have educational tasks to complete during their trip, this is then discussed in lessons afterwards. They will have three-full day study tours to UK destinations, every two weeks.

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To the highest standard, our care for your child starts from the moment they land in the UK. Our dedicated Young Learners team will oversee the coordination, liaison and supervision of your child on arrival and departure days.

Of course, you may want to travel with your child and bring them directly to the school. We can also arrange for this with the school.

Airport transfers

Airport or station transfers are included in your course package fee, from designated airports and within scheduled arrival and departure times (depending on student travel requirements).

To guarantee your airport transfer, please submit our online travel form for each student at least 10 working days before the course start date. If you would like to make any changes to your departure date, please let us know at least 7 working days before your departure date.

Designated airports for The Leys

  • London Heathrow 89 km

  • London Stansted 44 km

Out-of-hour prices

  • London Heathrow £205

  • London Stansted £105

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Lesson Plan

On this course, students will:

  • Improve their confidence, fluency and range of vocabulary when communicating English in an academic context
  • Develop their subject-level knowledge and academic skills
  • Learn to effectively communicate and present their opinions in discussion
  • Enhance their ability to work with others effectively
  • Develop useful techniques and strategies when learning and preparing for exams
  • Be more informed about future study options
  • Meet new friends, of similar academic calibre, from across the world

LESSONS University-level learning Students will get a real insight into university-level study in some of the most popular topics at University of Cambridge, including: Mathematics, British literature, Science and International Relations. It is also critical that students develop a strong foundation of study skills in order for them to perform well at university. These academic skills include: essay writing, analysing data, research and presentation skills, critical thinking and expressing opinions. Students will therefore spend time to develop these skills as well as their exam technique – particularly the IELTS exam – an internationally-recognised language level test and entry requirement for British universities.

  • Subject study: 32 hours
  • Academic skills: 10 hours

Lectures by University of Cambridge speakers

If you are going to prepare for the best, you should learn from the best. Students will experience real university-style lectures on class Cambridge subjects, ranging from physics to philosophy. All lectures delivered will be facilitated by University of Cambridge speakers. Previous lectures explored new perspectives on topics like: film studies, philosophy, quantum physics or politics. One of the lectures will focus on the skills, experience and qualities that students need to become a University of Cambridge student.

  • Lecture programme: 12 hours


-Registtration Fee 95 GBP (Included in the price)

-Out-of-hour Transportation prices

  • London Heathrow £205

  • London Stansted £105



Session Dates

Good news, more sessions will be available soon! Leave us your contact to stay informed about dates and prices.

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