Adventurous Outdoor Summer Camp for Teens in Saanen

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Course Description

Nature offers a wealth of challenges and learning experiences that can be interpreted academically, socially, philosophically. The Outdoor Summer Camp harnesses these challenges, teaching children to succeed and explore. It’s about learning, but through living. The Outdoor Summer Camp has been designed to impart a holistic education to your child aged 6-13 years.  Set in the stunning Alpine region of Saanenland, it is a first-hand outdoor learning experience that will begin your child’s development as healthy, confident, enterprising and responsible adults. Over two or three weeks, children at the Outdoor Summer Camp will take part in a life-changing outdoor learning experience.  The mountain summer adventure camp allows them time to decompress and unwind from their urban lives, get in shape and live a life that will positively impact their ambitions and future decisions.


Outdoor Summer Camp is located in Saanen, near the world’s famous ski town of Gstaad. Summer in Gstaad is like entering nature’s tranquility. Gstaad is located in the south-west of Switzerland right on the border with the French-speaking part of the country. Plus to reach Gstaad, you will be amazed by breathtaking landscapes over Lake Geneva and Swiss authentic scenery: pristine nature, green landscape, mountains, cows, authentic chalets and a multitude of waterfalls and torrents.

What's Included

-Use of campus facilities

-Tuition, Day & Evening activities

-Weekend activities

-Lunch (for Day Campers) / All Meals (for boarders)

-Shared accommodation (for boarders)

-Laundry service (excludes dry cleaning) for boarders

-Bed linen, pillows and blankets (for boarders)

-Medical, Accident, Luggage & Private Liability insurance

Starting From

CHF 7,800.00

Age Range 6-13 Years
Duration 3 Weeks

To see, to touch is to understand in Outdoor Summer Camp.  A combination of outdoor and indoor activities - music, folktales, crafts, games, sports etc - are designed to help build your child’s language skills. Outdoor activities include team-building, fun, exciting field days running relay races with your team or hiking.



Accommodation at Swiss Wooden Chalets with a choice of shared bedrooms or single ensuite bedrooms depending on availability (extra cost for single room)


A healthy, nutritious and varied choice of food is available at breakfast, lunch and dinner, with our own highly qualified chef preparing and cooking all our meals.

Occasionally lunch will be prepared off site in conjunction with our outdoor activities or a packed lunch may be provided for excursions. Vegetarians are provided with a good range of non-meat dishes and children with religious restrictions or allergies are provided with an alternative meal. Please make us aware of any dietary requirements upon application. 

Snacks and drinks are available during designated break or treat times and a selection of fruit is always available in the Boarding Houses to ensure that children never go hungry.

Pocket Money

During some of our excursions, children will have the opportunity to buy souvenirs. A small amount of pocket money will be given to Boarding Campers before each excursion and parents of Day Campers will be informed if their children require any money for their activities. We therefore ask that children do not come to Camp with any money of their own unless otherwise requested.



Each week an excursion to visit a Swiss landmark such as Gruyère, Cailler Chocolate factory or Montreux will also be scheduled.



Transfers from and to **Geneva Airport **can be organised (at an extra cost of 360CHF Approximately per way) for children travelling alone/Unaccompanied Minors (UM). Please contact the Boarding Staff at least 2 weeks before arrival to arrange transfers by completing the Travel and UM Forms

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Lesson Plan

The Outdoor Summer Camp uses nature, adventure and team building as the creative and intuitive medium of instruction.  Each week at the camp is themed - Water, Mountain or Rock and students explore forests, streams and mountains. The school also follows the International Early Years Curriculum, International Primary Curriculum and the International Middle Years Curriculum underpinned by the British Curriculum. Students will be taught in small batches by experienced teachers who are trained and devoted to helping each student reach their potential as individuals. 

A typical day at the Outdoor Summer Camp

07:00 Wake up 07:45 Breakfast 08:30 Camp Registration 09:00 – 12:30 Outdoor Learning 12:30 – 13:30 Lunch 13:30 – 16:00 Outdoor Learning Continues 16:00 Snack 16:15 End of Day Meeting 16:30 Return to Boarding House 17:00 – 18:00 Showers & free time 18:00 – 19:00 Dinner 19:00 – 20:00 Evening Activities – Events/Shows 20:30 Milk & Biscuits 21:00 Lights out - Good night


-Transfers from and to **Geneva Airport **can be organised (at an extra cost of 460CHF Approximately per way) for children travelling alone/Unaccompanied Minors (UM). Please contact the Boarding Staff at least 2 weeks before arrival to arrange transfers by completing the Travel and UM Forms



Session Dates

Good news, more sessions will be available soon! Leave us your contact to stay informed about dates and prices.

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They were happy. They want to repeat, they have done friends from all over the world, good quality, opened their minds and enjoyed a lot. Thanks for helping me selecting these camps! I'm grateful!! 🙏🙏🙏

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Hey Best Parents - The kids are having such a great time and I am resting well in beautiful St. Gallen. This has been excellent all around. Thanks again 🙏

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Yes my son enjoyed his program very much. We will definitely continue to work with Best Parents in the future. As my son gets closer to college we need your support in enrolling my son in programs that will enhance his changes of getting accepted into top universities.

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