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age icon 16-18 years old

time icon 2 weeks

book icon Weekly hours: 20

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Discover the World of Architecture! Enroll your aspiring architect in our dynamic Summer Architecture Programme, offered in the iconic cities of London, Oxford, or Cambridge. This two-week course dives into the essentials of modern architecture, blending theory and practice.

  • Hands-on Experience: Engage in technical drawing, skills in planning, designing, and spatial mapping. Master both digital and manual model construction.
  • Interactive Learning: Classes and cultural excursions for a deeper understanding of architecture.
  • Collaborative Projects: Develop proposals for futuristic urban designs and create diverse architectural drawings.
  • Career Foundation: Ideal stepping stone for a career or further education in architecture.

This program is provided by a leading independent provider of summer schools in the UK, on the campus of the Imperial College London.

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Imperial College London Campus is a multi-campus university located in London, UK.

From its historic roots in the city center, to its modern and cutting-edge science and technology facilities, the university offers a diverse range of learning environments, each with its own unique atmosphere and appeal.

What's Included

  • Residential in the prestigious colleges of Imperial College London

  • Inspiring courses taught by experts

  • A truly international environment - over 170 nationalities

  • Accommodation, breakfast and dinner, tuition and cultural programmes included

  • Graduation, report cards and certificate

  • Maximum of 15 students per class

  • 20+ hours tuition / week

  • Inspirational cultural programme, including excursions to historic UK locations


Summer fun guaranteed, remember, it's your holiday!

  • A variety of activities beyond lessons to keep students fully engaged.
  • Exciting excursions and lectures, organized by the events team.
  • Students enjoy various themed events at local venues.


  • **Accommodation at Imperial College Campus: **Stay in contemporary en-suite single and twin bedrooms in Prince’s Gardens, South Kensington, near attractions like Royal Albert Hall and museums.

  • Meals Included: Course fees cover breakfast and dinner; lunch provided for under 16 years.

  • Dietary Requirements: Inform us 60 days prior for specific needs like vegetarian, Kosher, or Halal options, and for any medical dietary needs like lactose intolerance or food allergies.

  • Pocket Money Advice: Bring sufficient funds for snacks, drinks, and souvenirs. Budget around £150 weekly, including approximately £10 daily for lunches (ages 16-18).


  • Explore London, dive into art, architecture, food, or football.
  • Enjoy city tours, museum visits, and London's Theatreland excursions.
  • Travel through 2,000 years of history on a classic red double-decker bus.
  • Capture Instagram-worthy moments at Big Ben, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye.


We offer a reassuring transfer service in the UK and USA.

Arrival Support:

  • Staff present at London Heathrow (LHR) on specific dates and times for student pickup.

  • Flexible for Imperial College London arrivals.

  • Flights must land between 06:00 and 15:30 BST for transfer eligibility.

  • Multiple transport options: private taxi, shared taxi, minibus, or coach.

  • Transport type determined by factors like arrival times and student numbers.

Departure Support:

  • Staff available at LHR on set dates for departure assistance.

  • Flights should depart between 08:00 and 18:00 BST.

  • Early morning flights include wake-up calls and packed breakfast.

Transfer Prices: GBP 130 one-way for both arrival and departure transfers, with comprehensive services included.

Notes for parents and students:

  • Arrival day for all programs: Sunday (Check specific program dates for correct Sunday)

  • Arrival time: Between 15:00 and 17:00 (Arrival before 17:00 for welcome reception is recommended)

Lesson Plan

  • 40 hours of tuition
  • Enhances planning, designing, and spatial mapping skills for future studies.
  • Hosted in renowned cities: London, Oxford, and Cambridge over two weeks.
  • Offers essential architectural skills like technical drawing and digital model construction.
  • Learn from globally recognized educators including Oxbridge academics and industry leaders.
  • Course outcomes:
    • Understand design, planning, and spatial mapping principles.
    • Dive deep into basic engineering and construction concepts.
    • Produce architectural drawings and construct illustrative models.
    • Enhance critical thinking and verbal communication skills in design planning.
    • Engage in group-based design portfolio competition.
    • Comprehensive overview of Architecture and its undergraduate study.
  • On completion, students receive a graduation certificate and a detailed report card.

English language requirements are as follows:

  • Minimum strong pre-intermediate level (B1) for all academic programs

Guest speakers from previous summers:

  • David Olusoga - Historian, writer and broadcaster: Historian and TV producer known for "Empire" and "Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners."
  • Helen Sharman - OBE Astronaut and Scientist: First British astronaut, spent eight days on MIR Space Station in 1991.
  • Kriti Sharma - Artificial Intelligence Expert: Focused on ethical technology and AI for Social Good in over 25 countries.
  • Marcus du Sautoy - Mathematician, author and broadcaster: Holding positions at Oxford and known for works like "The Creativity Code: How AI Is Learning to Write, Paint and Think" and BBC broadcasts on algorithms.


  • LHR to Imperial College London Campus: £130 one-way

  • Imperial College London Campus to LHR: approximately £130 one-way

  • Lunches for ages 16-18: approximately £10 per day

  • Travel insurance


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Session Dates

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July - Boarding

Start 7/28/2024
End 8/10/2024
Duration 2 Weeks
Price £6,495

July - Boarding

Start 7/6/2025
End 7/19/2025
Duration 2 Weeks
Price £6,900

July - Boarding

Start 7/20/2025
End 8/2/2025
Duration 2 Weeks
Price £6,900

August - Boarding

Start 8/3/2025
End 8/16/2025
Duration 2 Weeks
Price £6,900

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