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English Literature - Oxbridge

age icon 13-18 years old

time icon 2 weeks

book icon Weekly hours: 20

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Gain Expert Insights in an Oxbridge Pre-College Online Program in English Literature

  • The Oxbridge Pre-College Online Program offers eager students a unique opportunity to explore the enchanting realm of English Literature. Throughout this programme, participants will delve into the art of literary criticism, appreciate the brilliance of iconic poets, unravel the layers that influence meaning, and master the art of articulating ideas effectively.

  • Participants will immerse themselves in a comprehensive educational experience that weaves together virtual seminars, one-on-one tutorials, future skills workshops, and group social activities. All this, under the tutelage of illustrious Oxbridge and Ivy League academics. Engage with like-minded peers from around the world, derive insights from current Oxbridge undergraduates, and refine your understanding of English Literature with the guidance of seasoned tutors.

Aim of the Online English Literature Program

  • English Literature is a timeless testament to human emotion, intellect, and imagination. From age-old classics to contemporary masterpieces, literature mirrors society's evolution, ethos, and aspirations. This programme aims to provide participants with a deep appreciation of literary works, tools for in-depth analysis, and a platform to articulate interpretations. It is an invitation to venture into a world where words transcend time, igniting passion, invoking emotions, and influencing minds.

Key Programme Highlights

  • Small group sessions, ensuring personalized attention, helmed by renowned tutors from Oxford, Cambridge, and Ivy League institutions.

  • 2 x 30-minute one-on-one tutorials every week.

  • Future Skills Workshops: Enhance crucial skills such as personal branding, interview techniques, and academic writing.

  • Over 20 hours of dedicated academic contact time per week.

  • Daily social events steered by Mentors, who are current Oxbridge undergraduates, granting both relaxation and an insider's view into life at premier global institutions.

  • Detailed feedback and personal evaluation from your tutor at the programme's conclusion.

  • Certificate of attendance upon successful course completion.

  • Access to leading literary minds from both the UK and the USA, providing a diverse, enriched, and international perspective on English Literature.

Online Program Modules

Module 1: What is Literary Criticism?

Dive deep into the foundations and methodologies of literary criticism. Understand the different schools of thought, their evolution over time, and their relevance in the study and appreciation of literary works.

Module 2: Great Poets

Embark on a journey through time, appreciating the art and genius of some of the world's most renowned poets. From classical legends to modern maestros, explore the depth, breadth, and beauty of poetic expression.

Module 3: Influencing Meaning

Engage in a multi-faceted exploration of how meaning is crafted, influenced, and interpreted in literary texts. Delve into elements like context, culture, language, and personal bias, all of which shape our understanding of literature.

Module 4: Articulating Ideas

Master the art of expressing your interpretations, critiques, and insights. This module offers tools and techniques to articulate ideas effectively, both in writing and speech, sharpening analytical and communication skills.

Choose the Time that Works Best for You

The Oxbridge Pre-College Online Program acknowledges its global student community and offers two distinct "streams" to cater to varied time zones:

Stream A: 09:00 - 15:00 (UK time)

Stream B: 14:00 - 20:00 (UK time)

What Will the Timetable Look Like?

  • Course Overview / 1:1 Tutorial / Tutor Office Hours

  • Subject Tuition

  • Workshops

  • Activities

  • Self-Work Time

Online Learning Platform - Virtual Classrooms

  • All sessions utilize Zoom’s education platform, ensuring a seamless learning experience. Before the program commences, participants will receive a welcome kit detailing their tutors, mentors, guest speakers, and an overview of their chosen course. An interactive timetable, with easy-access session links, is also provided.

  • Recognizing our diverse student base, the dual-stream system ensures that learners from all time zones can participate fully. Moreover, our collaboration with Ivy League tutors offers unmatched insights for those interested in U.S. higher education.

1:1 Courses with World-Class Tutors

If you're seeking a more personalized learning experience, we also offer 1:1 tailor-made courses with world-class tutors! The dates and specific subjects can be arranged according to your schedule. To make this happen, please reach out to our free advisory.

Example Tutor

Kimberly A.

Currently a PhD Candidate at the University of Cambridge, Kimberly delves deep into the Saga Age Iceland, merging the study of ancient texts with digital humanities. Kimberly's academic journey started with a BA(Hons) in English Literature at Durham University and progressed with a Master of Philosophy from Cambridge. Being a medievalist, Kimberly's passion extends to exploring the origins of the written word and the evolving notions of authorship and 'good writing'. 

& More

We have so much more, activities, excursion etc. If you want to explore more get more details here it.


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Session Dates

Good News! You are not going to pay the full fee today, just a small deposit. After paying today, you will first get an enrollment form, and then receive a booking confirmation.

July - Small Group

Start 7/29/2024
End 8/9/2024
Duration 2 Weeks
Price £1,825

July - 1:1 (20 hours)

Start 7/29/2024
End 8/9/2024
Duration 2 Weeks
Price £3,495

July - 1:1 (10 hours)

Start 7/29/2024
End 8/9/2024
Duration 2 Weeks
Price £2,195

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