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Weekly course hours – 25

Age Range - 13-18 yrs

Session DatesDuration
2 weeks
2 weeks
2 weeks

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Cambridge Immerse Artificial Intelligence Online Course is designed by Cambridge and Oxford University graduate tutors specifically for passionate teenagers who want to explore this exciting area.

As a student you may already have creative and technical skills but this course will give you an excellent experience and provide you insight and usable knowledge in the exciting field of artificial intelligence. Thanks to a very strong virtual platform, you can immerse yourself in hands-on projects and one-to-one sessions with current Oxbridge PhD candidates focusing on artificial intelligence. You will explore machine learning, deep learning, AI ethics and the future of technology.

Why should you take the Artificial Intelligence Online Course?

As a passionate student aiming for a technology focused career and aiming for a STEM Bachelor's degree, this course is going to give you an excellent chance of creating a fabulous portfolio project and getting a sterling academic reference. When you are applying to colleges such high level academic references are precious, and this type of hands-on academic course experience can enable you to write a wonderful statement of purpose.

The knowledge and experience from this immersive short course in Artificial Intelligence will help you understand your tendency to this area thanks to course feedback letters written by your expert tutor about your skills and the future possibilities in this area.

You can then go on to create your own groups and pursue your own projects after experiencing two weeks of fundamentals in this artificial intelligence course.

Daily social activities with participants around the world 

You are going to connect with international students from all around the world with similar passions and you will be encouraged to communicate with them and make friends with them through daily activities and games after classes finish.

Activities include virtual college tours, murder mystery parties and a ‘University Challenge’-style quiz.

Oxbridge undergraduates will lead the sessions as mentors for the participants. This is a great opportunity for young learners to be able to work with students at Oxford and Cambridge University, and get advised and mentored on studying at one of the world’s top universities.

Key Facts

  • Class Size of 5-10 students
  • One to One Tutorials: 2 x 30-minute sessions each week
  • Cambridge and Oxford Academics: Teachers from Oxford and Cambridge University
  • Future Skills Workshops: Develop key attributes such as personal branding, interview skills and academic writing
  • 20+ hours of academic contact time per week
  • Subject tuition delivered by an academic from Oxford or Cambridge University
  • Academic skills workshops
  • End-of-day social activities led by Mentors (Oxbridge undergraduates)
  • Detailed personal evaluation written by tutor
  • Certificate of attendance

Sample Modules

Module 1 - Ethics of AI 

This module will discuss the ethical questions that are currently unanswered with the rise of AI and our reliance on it in the modern world. Will AI replace human workers? Will it spread or help tackle the rise of fake news and misinformation? Debate the hottest topics of the century with the brightest scholars in the world.

Module 2 - Applications of AI

Learn the implications and applications of AI in different industries, from medicine to the social sciences and humanities. Which industries benefited most and what new jobs has AI created - you will find out all of this in this module.

Module 3 - AI and Machine Learning

You will start by exploring the fascinating history of AI research and the initial experiments that seemed promising but ultimately turned out to be dead ends. Then you’ll turn to the probabilistic basis of machine learning and neural networks, demystifying this difficult-sounding technique and its many variations into straightforward math problems and computer programs you can understand. Really learn the basis of how Google and Netflix and TikTok and other AIs you interact with daily work under the hood!

Module 4 - AI and Gamification

In the 1990’s IBM successfully defeated chess grandmaster Gary Kasparov, a feat that shocked the world. IBM’s machine, Deep Blue, employed artificial intelligence to defeat Kasparov. But what is artificial intelligence? What does it mean to be rational? And how does this tie in with playing games? Why do we need artificial intelligence, and what does it provide us with? These are commonly underexplored questions. In this topic area, you will consider algorithms such as Minimax, simulated annealing, genetic algorithms and Monte Carlo methods, and how they can be used for optimization problems to improve answers that we get from AI programs in different scenarios.

How do lessons take place?

Students get welcome packs from their tutors which are extremely interactive offering a packed schedule showing course sessions, ongoing guest speakers, meetings with project groups and one to one sessions. This is an extremely intense program that takes 20 hrs a week and expect to spend some time outside of that researching and studying as well.

Choose the Time that Works Best for You

As there are participants joining from around the globe, Online Insights offers two streams at different times – Stream A and Stream B. Stream A starts in the morning while Stream B starts in the afternoon.

Note – as faculty are all based in Oxford & Cambridge, all times communicated are in UK time.

  • Stream A: 09:00 - 15:00 (UK time)
  • Stream B: 14:00 - 20:00 (UK time)

Technical Needs

Access to Internet with a laptop or a desktop

Sample Tutor - Natcha R

Natcha is a PhD Candidate in Architecture at the University of Cambridge. Her doctoral research focuses on the historical development of the post-war architectural education. Natcha is also part of the University of Cambridge Widening Participation team, delivering various architectural sessions - lectures, workshops, talks - in schools and colleges across the UK.

Session Dates

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Immerse Education Artificial Intelligence Online
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