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Orthopaedic Foundation Manhattan Medical Immersion Summer Camp for Teens in USA

Dates and Tuition

Please check the course dates carefully as each course's schedule and holidays may be different.

Weekly course hours – NA

Age Range - 15-18 yrs

Session DatesDuration
1 weeks

Orthopaedic Foundation welcomes teens, ages 15-18- to Manhattan for pre-college Medical Immersion Summer Camp where they can get in-depth insight into both the theory and practice of Medicine in the heart of New York City.

Are You Willing to Step Beyond the Textbooks and Lectures and Work with Your Hands in Medicine?

Roll your sleeves, complete your sterilization. This summer Orthopaedic Foundation will offer Medical Immersion Summer Camp that provides hands-on and interactive experiences to provide best educational opportunities for students in a pre-college medicine program. 

Medical Immersion Summer Camp is devoted to empowering students to become the future of the medicine. In this pre-college academic summer camp, you will get state-of-the-art-bioskills lab training, simulated surgery experience and will explore a broad range of medical concepts and then apply your knowledge in a series of practicals. 

Variety of physician instructors from the top New York hospitals, such as NYU Langone Health, Mount Sinai, New York Presbyterian and Einstein Hospital will provide excellent preparation for pre-medicine and talk you through the variety of career options. 

After completing the program, you will receive an accredited certificate with a formal graduation ceremony.

Why It is a Great Choice

  • Gain academic insights in Medicine in tight knit group
  • Explore the subject of your curiosity to see if it fits your passion 
  • Experience medical profession and accommodation in Manhattan
  • Enjoy end-of-day social activities in New York
  • Receive personal certificate of attendance.

Let’s Zoom into Orthopaedic Foundation Manhattan Medical Immersion Summer Camp for Teens in USA


With its cutting edge equipments and surgical training facility, Orthopaedic Foundation state-of-the-art Bioskills Lab sits in the heart of New York City. 

In the vibrant, exciting, convenient and accessible location, Medical Immersion Summer Camp participants will easily enjoy the most and the best of Manhattan. Grand Central Station, Empire State Building, Fifth Avenue and all exciting experiences that Manhattan offers will just be in 10 minutes walk. In other words, whole city will be on your doorstep.

Course Description

In this intense academic Medical Immersion Summer Camp, you will have morning and afternoon sessions focusing on 

  • Orthopaedics & Fractures
  • Plastics & Sulturing
  • Vascular & Catheters
  • General Surgery
  • Radiology & Imaging Tools
  • Pathology & Diagnostics
  • Anesthesiology & OR Protocol
  • Emergency Medicine

You will explore novel concepts as in sample topics, mentioned above, and share ideas in small groups of like-minded and ambitious peers.


By enrolling on this program you will not only receive an excellent educational experience but also you will get a chance to accommodate in NYC.

Participants of this program will stay luxury shared suites in Manhattan, located just two blocks from the facilities. 

As Orthopedic Foundation, student safety is our highest priority, including complaint COVID protocols.


Medical Immersion Summer Camp participants will not only focus on the academic program but they will also benefit daily afternoon excursions and activities. Plus, they will also enjoy evening entertainment programs. Remember, this is Manhattan and with NYC dining, retail, Broadway shows, cultural installations, arts, culture and entertainment events, tours, sports and so much more, NYC has a lot to offer. 

Getting to Orthopedic Foundation Bioskills Training Campus

LaGuardia Airport (LGA) and John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) are the nearby airports to our facility. If you travel from and to those airports, please keep in touch with us for transfer assistance.

Session Dates

Any course for a student under the age of 18 includes a transportation option.
Our packages are designed to be all-inclusive. We will contact you after checkout with info of exact items included.

Medical Immersion Summer ...7/9/20237/15/20231 weeks$6,500.00
Medical Immersion Summer Camp for Teens 1 week
Start Date7/9/2023
End Date7/15/2023
Duration1 weeks
299 Fremont St, 2110, San Francisco, USA