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Leysin, Switzerland

Boarding School - Leysin

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Welcome to the Elite Boarding School in Switzerland

A guiding set of principles and beliefs set the highest standards for life at this American School in Switzerland. These standards help us create the best residential life program available within a safe, boarding school environment. Our strong academic program gives students a choice of tracks—they can choose from our International Baccalaureate, AP, and diploma programs, and our Academic Deans and advisors are here to guide them every step of the way.

Outside of the classroom, students have access to the natural, cultural, and historical wonders within Switzerland and Europe From skiing and mountaineering in the Swiss Alps (in world-famous spots like Zermatt and St. Moritz!), to exploring historic cities and cultural centers (from Lugano and Geneva to Paris and Milan!), the school gives students an opportunity to grow and thrive.

Extraordinary Educators


Our educators’ teaching methods are informed by years of research, education, and experience, allowing them to provide your child with high-quality, innovative learning experiences.

  • 56% of the staff have more than 10 years of experience in education

  • Over 40 teachers earned a school-sponsored master’s degree

  • 20% of our teachers have presented and published their research

  • 20 outside research fellowships have been awarded

Top University Admissions


We take pride not only in educating strong students but also in attracting the attention of strong universities. The University Advising Office plays a key role in our students’ successes, providing them with active guidance throughout their time at the school.

  • Our University Ateliers curriculum starts in grade 9, while 1 on 1 advising curriculum starts in grade 10

  • 92% of the school graduates received an admission offer from at least one of their top three universities

  • 89% of the school students go to one of the top 5% of universities

  • Over 100 universities visit the school every year

A Caring Community


This boarding school is a diverse, tight-knit community in which staff are always on hand to provide students with consistent care and guidance as they navigate the responsibilities and challenges that come with young adulthood.

  • 1:4 faculty-to-student ratio, ensuring every student is heard and supported

  • 98% of our students and faculty live on campus, creating a strong sense of community

  • 9.3 students per class on average

  • About 60 nationalities living in harmony on campus

A Home Away From Home


From the boarding school to post-graduation, we provide the foundation and resources for students, parents, and alumni to stay connected and maintain lifelong friendships.

  • Students meet weekly in their Faculty Family with 6 “brothers and sisters” led by faculty “parents”

  • Non-profit school managed by the 3rd generation of the founding family

  • Parents visit Leysin about 3 times per year while the school travels to 70% of parents in their home country

  • Beyond Leysin, connected with over 3,000 alumni and their families in over 85 countries

A Passion for Learning


We help students to uncover their passion by creating exciting ways for them to select and engage with the material they are being taught—this includes hands-on learning, individualized academic schedules, and opportunities for immersive travel.

  • 2 strong academic pathways to university: International Baccalaureate and US High School Diploma

  • Hands-on learning opportunities within these 5 areas: Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Science, Arts, and Community Service

  • Study trips every year to over 32 destinations

  • Individualized academic schedules and over 46 clubs, sports teams, and activities to choose from

Middle School

The Middle School provides students in grades 7 and 8 with a safe environment in which they can learn, study, play, and thrive. The program offer:

  • Immersive, community-focused environment with educational field trips and hands-on learning

  • Access to academic deans, dormitory staff, and faculty families for encouragement and safe exploration

  • Focus on academic potential, extracurricular activities, and experiential learning in a family-like setting

  • Core classes (English, Science, Math, Physical Education) and elective blocks for collaborative and effective learning

  • Gender-separated dormitories with age-group clustering, supervised by staff for support and guidance

  • Responsibilities like laundry and room upkeep, fostering maturity

  • After-school programs including sports, yoga, theater, skiing, and snowboarding

  • Supervised cultural trips and weekend excursions for international experience

  • Mentorship and social connection through assigned faculty "families" for social, emotional, and academic support

Preparatory Years

Preparatory Years students are those who are entering their first two years of high school. The school seeks to support students during this transitional period of their lives by allowing them to test the waters in new, challenging classes, encouraging them to join teams and take on leadership roles, and exposing them to international cultural experiences. The program offers:

  • Focus on self-discovery, core classes, interest-based classes, and experiential learning for effective self-directed learning

  • Developing skills for global leadership and creative problem-solving

  • Opportunities like Model United Nations, Alpine Institute, and Robot Gardening for interactive learning and self-discovery

  • Mainstream and ELA (English Language Acquisition) classes, with ELA focusing on communication and integrated learning for university preparation

  • Comfortable and supportive dormitory environment, Student Prefect roles for enhancing dorm life, fostering friendship and camaraderie

  • Faculty and students residing on campus, offering support, homework help, and involvement in community activities

  • Wide range including astronomy, badminton, climbing, coding, dance, gardening, martial arts, and yoga; emphasis on wellness, team building, and community outreach

  • Skiing and snowboarding from January to April, utilizing the Alpine environment for winter sports and skill development

Diploma Years

Our Diploma Years program helps students prepare for the next major phase in their lives. The school guides students throughout this time, allowing them to tailor their academics to meet their goals. 

  • Options for International Baccalaureate Diploma or LAS Diploma, focusing on curiosity and independence for post-secondary success

  • Individual advising on course selections based on ability, interest, and university entry requirements

  • IB, AP, pre-AP classes, regular section classes, and electives with academic and university advisors guiding course selection

  • One-on-one and small group meetings, including Theory of Knowledge classes for career exploration, university research, essay practice, and application procedures

  • Roles in Student Council, Student Ambassadors, and club presidency for character building and university application enhancement

  • Community living with a focus on cultural understanding, friendship, and independent living skills such as budgeting, laundry, and cooking

  • Mandatory participation in after-school activities or sports during Fall and Spring terms, including bouldering, basketball, dance, horseback riding, swimming, community service, theater production

  • Skiing or snowboarding opportunities from January to April, fostering skill development and social interaction

IB Program:

  • Offers over 40 courses in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, allowing students to tailor their education to their future goals.

  • Emphasizes deep, concentrated learning through the IB curriculum.

  • Boasts a track record of high scores and a 100% pass rate, including bilingual diplomas.

Advanced Placement:

  • Provides intensive study in specific subjects, with the potential to earn university credit.

  • Features a range of courses such as AP Biology, Chemistry, Calculus AB, Computer Science, and Economics.

  • AP exams combine multiple-choice and free-response sections, suitable for students skilled in standardized testing.

Student Support:

  • Focuses on developing lifelong learners in an academically challenging environment.

  • Offers hands-on learning opportunities to supplement traditional classes, enhancing skills in critical thinking and global awareness.

  • Encourages students to explore new challenges, join teams, and take leadership roles.

University Advising Services:

  • Begins working with students from grade 9, building on character, gratitude, personal excellence, and relationships.

  • Provides a dedicated weekly course to support personal and academic goals post-graduation.

  • Offers a variety of services including ateliers, course selection advising, individual university consulting, essay review, and standardized test planning.

  • Facilitates a personalized university advising process for each grade level, from exploring strengths and learning styles to focusing on university applications and standardized testing.

Tuition Fees Approximately

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120000CHF (Approximately)

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