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Summer School - Lake Geneva, Switzerland

About the provider: "World-Class" - Founded in 1880 in a Chateau from the 1300s, one of the most famous bilingual and bicultural schools in the world, in the Swiss Alps.

age icon 8-15 years old

time icon 3 weeks

book icon Weekly hours: 17

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Dive into an invigorating, educational summer experience that seamlessly blends academic enrichment with exhilarating leisure activities!

  • Our program, designed to revitalize students for the upcoming school year, offers focused morning revision courses to sharpen your academic prowess.
  • Afternoons are yours to explore a diverse array of pursuits, from dynamic sports to cutting-edge tech explorations and creative endeavors.
  • As the sun sets, the excitement continues with a variety of engaging evening entertainment.
  • Plus, look forward to memorable weekend excursions that promise adventure and discovery.
  • We firmly believe in balancing rigorous study with ample fun, ensuring that you achieve outstanding results while thoroughly enjoying your summer break.

Join us for an unforgettable journey of learning, growth, and sheer enjoyment!

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  • Located in Rolle, 30km from Geneva city.

  • Main campus for boys and La Combe campus for girls, spread over 30 hectares.

  • Established in 1880 in a chateau with an extensive estate.

  • Original building dates back to the 14th century, was a medieval castle, renovated in the 20th century.

  • Facilities include a cooking lab, visual arts and photography rooms, theatre, and music studios.

  • Features a 900-seat concert hall at the center of the building.

What's Included

  • Full board and accommodation in a twin-bed room (or, at certain camps or special activities, in tents or mountain refuges), according to age.

  • Provision of bed linen and towels.

  • Full laundry service (dry cleaning is not provided during the camps).

  • Classes, sports, arts and activities offered within the program, including associated coaching and material. Evening activities.

  • Excursions, cruises and weekend activities.

  • Emergency expenses insurance for accidents and illnesses included in camp price. Acts as travel insurance, covering medical emergencies from illness or accident. Insurance activates if child’s home country insurance doesn't cover costs abroad or if no health/accident insurance exists. Provider contacts child's health insurance if available.

  • Personal liability insurance, and local taxes.

  • Transport to and from Geneva Airport on the official days of arrival and departure.


  • Choose 5 activities: Archery, Badminton, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Cooking, Creative Arts, Digital Photography, Fitness Training, Football, Frisbee, Golf (practice only), Horse Riding, Indoor Climbing, Nautical Sports (Sailing, Stand-up-Paddling), Padel, Pool Activities (Swimming, Water Games), Robotics, Rugby, Self-Defence, Singing, Street Dance, Table Tennis, Tennis, Uni-Hockey, Wake-Boarding, Wake-Surfing, Water-Skiing, Web Design, Yoga.
  • Evening Entertainment: Inter-team competitions, discos, BBQs, movie nights, karaoke, students vs teachers competitions, s'mores around the fire, building-based entertainment, Swiss-themed dinners.


  • Separate sleeping buildings for boys and girls; sports and activities are mixed.

  • Rolle campus has Juniors (until age 12) and Seniors (13+), with different bedtimes, activities, and buildings.

  • Youngest students may be in a co-ed building, segregated by floors.

  • Teacher to student ratio is 1:4.

  • Spacious rooms with ensuite bathrooms; no single or triple rooms.

  • Each student gets a mini-safe; bedding and towels provided.

  • Roommates assigned for cultural exchange, with two different nationalities per room.

  • There is no air conditioning in the rooms. Fans, however, are available in case of a heat wave. 

  • Wi-Fi available, subject to Camp Director's rules.

  • Laundry service provided: collected, washed, ironed, and returned. Staff labels laundry on arrival.

  • Internationally inspired meals, buffet-style, prepared by in-house chefs.

  • Attendance at all meals compulsory; tables shared with teachers.

  • Food allergies must be indicated in the health questionnaire.

  • Pork-containing meals are indicated; vegetarian options available.

  • Unable to provide Kosher, Halal, or vegan meals.

  • Birthdays are celebrated with special attention and organization of cakes and balloons for the occasion.

School Facilities

  • Bedrooms (2 beds) with ensuite bathrooms

  • 53 classrooms

  • 48 apartments for teachers living in the boarding houses

  • Theatre

  • 2 gymnasia

  • 4 specially-equipped sports rooms: 2 fitness rooms, 1 martial arts and 1 dance studio

  • 3 dining rooms

  • 2 cafeterias

  • An industrial laundry (providing laundry services for both bed linen and personal laundry)

  • 2 professional kitchens

  • A graphic arts studio

  • 12 tennis courts

  • 1 synthetic rugby field, 1 synthetic football field, 1 outdoor basketball field

  • Beach volleyball and beach football courts

  • 2 outdoor pools and 1 indoor pool

Off campus facilities:

  • A private equestrian center housing 30 horses, 1 indoor riding school, 1 dressage area

  • A private nautical center equipped with 10 dinghies, 3 motor-boats, 3 yawls and a 38-foot yacht

  • Ipharra, a 102-foot catamaran sailing yacht.

  • Useage of a local 18-hole golf course with driving range, and a karting track situated nearby.


  • Weekend Mornings: Two periods for chosen Academy.
  • Weekend Activities: Excursions and activities on- and off-campus, including karting, laser tag, jump park, and water sports at nautical center.
  • Option for children with visiting parents to leave after Saturday morning lessons and return before Sunday dinner.


  • Transfers from Geneva International Airport to camp are included in the camp fee on official start and end dates.

  • Approx 9 am to 4 pm (arrival at airpot)

  • Staff meets children traveling alone at Geneva Airport and drives them to camp.

  • Parents must arrange transfers if traveling outside official camp dates.

  • We do not provide transportation from/to Zürich Airport or any train station.

  • Children traveling alone are accompanied to Geneva Airport on official departure dates.

  • Unaccompanied Minor (UM) service requests must be reserved and paid to the airline before camp starts.

  • If you are travelling with your child, we are unable to offer you transportation. The campus is easily accessible by car or train (30 minutes to Rolle).

Lesson Plan

Academies for All Ages:

  • English: Combine with French or Maths, or focus solely on intensive English. Not for native speakers. Four 45-minute periods daily.
  • French: Option to combine with English or Maths, or intensive French. Not for native speakers.
  • Maths: Combine with English or French, taught in English. Requires good English proficiency (CEFR B1/IELTS 4.0-5.0/TOEFL 42-71).
  • Theatre: Workshops with professionals, performance creation, exploring character, voice, and backstage elements. Limited to 20 students, good English required.

Academies for Students 13 Years and Older:

  • Creative Writing: Analyze literary works, create fiction or nonfiction. Requires English proficiency (CEFR B2). Limited to 12 students.
  • Digital Creativity: Intro to digital tech: photo/video editing, 3D animation. Limited to 12 students.
  • Leadership: Workshops in self-defence, public speaking, critical thinking, outdoor challenges. Requires English proficiency (CEFR B1/IELTS 4.0-5.0/TOEFL 42-71). Limited to 30 students.
  • Tech: Coding, robotics, 3-D design. Limited to 12 students.

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  • Outside camp dates, airport transfers are provided by a camp driver or by a local taxi company the cost for which is approximately CHF 500.-. This service is not included in the camp fees and will be deducted from your child’s pocket money.

Pocket Money:

  • Suggested pocket money amount included in post-registration invoice.

  • Children can withdraw pocket money 2-3 times a week.

  • Pocket money mainly for buying snacks; no credit card system on campus.

  • Remaining balance returned to child upon departure.


Requirements for each subject:

  • Maths: Requires good English proficiency (CEFR B1/IELTS 4.0-5.0/TOEFL 42-71).

  • Theatre: Good English required.

  • Creative Writing: Requires English proficiency (CEFR B2).

  • Leadership: Requires English proficiency (CEFR B1/IELTS 4.0-5.0/TOEFL 42-71). Limited to 30 students.


Watch the video to have a sneak peek for your child’s adventures!

Session Dates

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August - Boarding

Start 8/6/2024
End 8/24/2024
Duration 3 Weeks
Price CHF 11,700

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