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age icon 12-16 years old

time icon 2 weeks

book icon Weekly hours: 15

Dive into our dynamic General English course, tailored specifically for 12 to 16-year-olds, and watch your mastery of the English language flourish.

  • Our engaging, student-centered lessons utilize a blend of expertly chosen coursebooks and materials, crafted by our academic team to captivate young learners.
  • With multinational classes, we emphasize communication and collaboration, empowering you to build confidence in using English daily.
  • We transform theoretical knowledge into practical skill. Our exciting and interactive approach to language learning ensures that our tutors can significantly enhance your English proficiency, elevating it to new heights.

This course is perfect for students eager to improve their English in a stimulating and supportive environment.

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  • Located 15 minutes from London Heathrow and near Royal Windsor.

What's Included

  • Comfortable Accommodation & 3 Meals Per Day

  • 15 Hours of tuition per week

  • Progress Report and End-of-Course Certificate

  • Extensive activity program

  • Excursions (Transport & Entrance Fees Included)

  • Full Evening Activity Program

  • Laundry Service

  • Eton College T-shirt

  • UK SIM Card (if required)

  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance


  • Wide range of activities at Eton College Summer School for physical and mental well-being.
  • Activities designed to explore passions and interests beyond academics.
  • Social program fosters easy friendship building in a multinational environment.
  • Activity choices include football, basketball, swimming, volleyball at the Sports and Aquatics Centre, and more relaxed options like baking, arts & crafts, drama, and music workshops.
  • Opportunity to explore Eton and Windsor in free time.
  • Whole school events include tournaments, debates, talent shows, and discos, enhancing teamwork and communication skills.
  • Special event at Dorney Lake, featuring Bell Boating, a BBQ, and a celebratory disco.


  • Two boarding houses at Eton College Summer School: one for boys, one for girls.

  • Accommodations include single rooms with shared bathrooms.

  • Comfortable social spaces in both boarding houses for relaxation during House Time.

  • Meals served in Eton College's purpose-built dining facilities.

  • Daily continental breakfast (pastries, fruit, yogurt, cereal); cooked options thrice weekly.

  • Lunch and dinner include a minimum of two hot meal choices, with a vegetarian option.

  • Salad bar, fresh bread, fruit, and desserts available.

  • Drinks and biscuits provided before bed.

  • Packed lunches for excursions.

  • Operates as an international residential summer school in partnership with Eton College, delivering courses independently.

Eton College Summer School offers extensive facilities:

  • Jafar Hall for lectures and debates

  • Sports Hall

  • Indoor heated swimming pool

  • All-weather pitches

  • Playing fields

  • Eton Fives courts

The accommodation at Eton College comprises two boarding houses – one for boys and one for girls. Students will have their own single study bedroom, with shared bathroom facilities.

Both boarding houses have comfortable social spaces and facilities in which students can relax during House Time.

As an international residential summer school we work in partnership with Eton College and deliver our courses separately from them.


Students will have all their meals in the purpose-built dining facilities at Eton College. Meal times offer a diverse menu made by the school’s own caterers who provide a continental breakfast every day (pastries, fresh fruit, yoghurt and cereal), with cooked options available three times each week.

For lunch and dinner there is always a choice of at least two hot meals, including a vegetarian option. Students also have a delicious salad bar available to them as well as fresh bread, fruit and desserts. In addition, drinks and biscuits are served before bed.

Students will be provided with a packed lunch for excursions.

Pocket Money

All activities, excursions and meals are included in the price, so the only money needed is for tuck shop snacks, presents or souvenirs. We generally recommend about £70 per week pocket money. We recommend that pocket money is provided on bank cards rather than in cash, for security reasons. Please note that some shops and attractions only accept card payments. If providing your child with cash, please send pocket money in small notes (£5 / £10 / £20) as most places do not accept the larger £50 note. All pocket money (bank cards and cash) is kept in the school safe and can be collected from the office at set times before excursions.


  • Three excursions to famous UK cities and tourist destinations during a two-week course.
  • Visits include UK's renowned attractions and landmarks.
  • Staff team accompanies students, providing a full day's itinerary.
  • Past trips include London, featuring a walking tour of historic sites like the Houses of Parliament, Downing Street, and Trafalgar Square.
  • Program often includes visits to other notable places, including Oxford, a renowned university city.


  • Supervised transfers available for Heathrow Airport and St Pancras Station.

  • **Heathrow Airplane: **arrivals 6am-5pm; departures: 11am-6pm.

  • St Pancras Station: arrivals 10am-12 noon; departures: 12 noon-2pm.

  • Transfer fees: £85.00 one-way, £160.00 return.

  • Transport options: Staffed Private Coach, Minibus, Taxi, based on student numbers and flight timings.

  • Staff in yellow t-shirts greet students at arrival.

  • Welcome Club at the airport for meetups, refreshments, and relaxation.

  • Students escorted to coaches/taxis for direct transport to the school.

  • For special circumstances or other London airports, coordinate with our advisor before booking.

  • Flights should align with course arrival and departure dates for timely student transitions.

Lesson Plan

Before summer, our advisor will send an online placement test for your child(ren). Based on the test results, students will be placed in classrooms matching their English proficiency level, like Intermediate (B1) with peers at the same level, ensuring targeted and effective lessons from the start.

Your Learning Journey:

  • Gain insights into global topics and cultural diversity.
  • Improve skills in research, presentation, and creative thinking.
  • Enhance articulation on global issues and public speaking.
  • Develop 21st-century skills: critical thinking, collaboration, digital literacy, adaptability.

Benefits of This Course:

  • Enhanced English understanding through constant interaction.
  • Boosted communication and presentation skills.
  • Increased confidence in everyday English usage.
  • Improved listening skills in a multinational environment.

Course Takeaways:

  • Improved English understanding, communication, and presentation skills.
  • Motivated and confident learning environment.
  • Exposure to British culture through trips to cities like London and Oxford.

Time to Shine:

  • Increase vocabulary and grammar through interactive tasks like presentations and debates.
  • The Time to Shine programme focuses on nurturing future leaders.
  • Weekly ceremonies for students to present and celebrate achievements.
  • Program aims to create informed, confident global citizens.

Course Electives

  • Curated elective modules to complement core subjects and "Time to Shine" projects.
  • Focus on key 21st-century skills, interdisciplinary and crucial for higher education and careers.
  • Choose electives upon arrival, aligning with personal interests each week. You can choose from:

Global Citizens:

  • Learn about global responsibility and cultural diversity.
  • Engage with environmental sustainability and civic engagement.
  • Gain insights into intercultural awareness.

Young Leaders:

  • Develop foundational leadership skills, including collaboration and resilience.
  • Enhance team-building, personal branding, and emotional intelligence.

Future Innovators:

  • Explore modern technology, robotics, and web programming.
  • Dive into coding and AI basics.
  • Boost critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Inspirational Communicators:

  • Improve public speaking and debating skills.
  • Master conflict negotiation techniques.
  • Refine overall communication abilities.

Sample timetable_eton college_1st week


Transfer fees:

  • £85.00 one-way, £160.00 return.

Pocket Money Advice:

  • Recommended pocket money: £70 per week.

  • Prefer bank cards over cash for security. Some shops/attractions card-only.

  • If cash, use small notes (£5/£10/£20), avoid £50 notes.

  • Pocket money (cards/cash) stored in school safe.

  • Collect from office at set times before excursions.


  • Student safety and well-being are top priorities.

  • Strict Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy in place for all staff and visitors.

  • Staff extensively trained to ensure a safe, secure, and respectful environment for students.

  • Secure, comfortable boarding houses managed by dedicated residential staff.

  • High-quality pastoral support available 24/7.

  • Off-site 'free time' for students aged 12+ in groups of three or more, with parental consent.

  • Students carry a Gold Card off-site with emergency contact details.


  • English level: B1+ (Intermediate and Above)


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