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Institut Rosenberg Academic Explorer Program for Senior Young Learners in St Gallen

Dates and Tuition

Please check the course dates carefully as each course's schedule and holidays may be different.

Weekly course hours – 25

Age Range - 14-18 yrs

Institut Rosenberg Summer Camp allows senior young learners, ages 14-18, to discover their passion among various courses: Leadership & Activism, Environmental Science & Sustainability, Fashion & Textile Design, Fine Arts, Informatics & Coding, Performing Arts, Robotics & Engineering, or sharpen their language skills such as Germany or English in a beautiful setup in Switzerland.

Break the Mold, This Is A Perfect Antidote to Months Spent Indoors

Imagine a summer camp designed to help your teen undo the social and academic fallout of months spent at online school. A chance for your child to meet like-minded friends from around the world, exchange views, share experiences and form lifelong bonds.

The Senior Summer Camp at Institut Rosenberg is the perfect antidote to months spent indoors and will enhance your child's independence, social skills and creativity.

The camp runs from July to August with a minimum stay of two weeks.

Rosenberg combines the characteristics of a traditional Swiss boarding school with one of the most advanced learning environments and a commitment to innovate in order to define a new era of education.

Rosenberg pioneered the trademarked Individual Development Programme, IDP - a holistic view of the world, inside and outside the classroom that prepares students for university and beyond.

Home to students from 50 different nationalities, an average class size of 8 students per class and a teacher to student ratio of 1:2, our Swiss private school is in a unique position to deliver on its mission.

This program is also available for young junior learners, ages 6-13, here

Let’s Zoom into Institut Rosenberg Academic Explorer Program for Senior Young Learners in St Gallen


Institut Rosenberg is home to art-nouveau-period villas set in 100’000 m2 of private parkland in St Gallen, surrounded by century-old nut-trees and the carefully landscaped gardens that create the canvas for a unique and tranquil learning environment.

Institut Rosenberg has unrivaled Facilities:

  • Rosenberg Creative Lab 

  • Rosenberg Future Park

  • Rosenberg Health & Fitness Club

  • The Multi-Media Centre

  • Nobel Prize Winner and Rosenberg Alumnus Mario J. Molina The Science Centre

  • Golf Training Ground

Course Description

Intuitively designed camp comprises language lessons, sports and extracurricular activities. Students attend 25 lessons a week, alongside private tuition.

The course offers options that include fine arts, leadership, activism, robotics and engineering, and informatics and coding. Students must pick from two options.

Option 1: Language lessons in either English or German at the beginner, intermediate or advanced levels.

Option 2: Focussed lessons in either

  • Leadership & Activism

  • Environmental Science & Sustainability

  • Fashion & Textile Design

  • Fine Arts

  • Informatics & Coding

  • Performing Arts

  • Robotics & Engineering

Afternoons are packed with sports, personalized training in particular games and excursions.

Accommodation & Catering

Setting Standards in Accommoda­tion

Student residences are organized into separate accommodation for boys and girls. In these boarding houses, students of the same age-group live and study together, share community spaces and join organized free-time activities.

Girls’ and boys’ residences are characterized by bright colors, cherry hard wood floors and simple but yet elegant furniture, combined with modern and tasteful en-suite marble bathrooms.

Beyond School Meals

The kitchen team at our Swiss boarding school has a firm commitment to cooking without artificial colors, artificial taste intensifiers or thickening agents such as wheat flour, wherever possible. The culinary philosophy of the Rosenberg kitchen team is based on a profound commitment to quality; producing carefully planned and balanced meals to support students’ demanding daily learning and activity schedules.


Days at the Senior Summer Camp at Institut Rosenberg are packed with diverse activities, explorations and workshops comprising academics, technology, sports, sightseeing, hiking, visits to museums and more. There is also enough free time for the children to socialize.

Session Dates

Any course for a student under the age of 18 includes a transportation option.
Our packages are designed to be all-inclusive. We will contact you after checkout with info of exact items included.

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