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Summer Boarding Art and Design Camp at Rochester College

Dates and Tuition

Please check the course dates carefully as each course's schedule and holidays may be different.

Weekly course hours – 25

Age Range - 13-17 yrs

Session DatesDuration
2 weeks
2 weeks

This is the immersive art and design course for teenagers in the most beautiful boarding school campus in UK.

Art & Design Summer School

Our Art and Design Course is tailored specifically for artistically minded students. The course gives students the opportunity to explore a range of media, whilst developing their English language skills. Students explore a range of creative projects including art, film, fashion and environmentalism.

Time to shine

  • Showcase your creative talents
  • Impact global issues
  • Develop teamworking skills At the end of each week, students will have the opportunity to showcase their work in a series of presentations and displays across the College campus. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to show off all the new skills and techniques they have learned during the course. Examples of these projects include:
  • Creative Arts Project – the ultimate freedom of expression. With a topic and a team, you will have a week to create a meaningful and impactful global message through any artistic form of your choice and present it to an audience of your tutors and classmates. With the guidance of your teacher, this project will propel you to discover and shape your voice in art and design in relation to global issues such as the environment, equality, mental health and peace.
  • **Film Project **– during this project you will construct and express your views on a global issue of your choice through the medium of film. You will have a week in groups to craft both your ideas and your teamworking skills to ideate, storyboard, film, produce and edit a memorable and profound comment on a subject dear to your heart. The grand finale of the week is a full school screening of your films.

What You’ll Learn

Our course is practical, hands-on and creative from the very start. Through a series of guided tuition, active workshops and independent or collaborative tasks, you will learn the finer details of different forms of art and design before experimenting with each of them to communicate, problem-solve and inspire. Key sessions include:

  • Get your pencil moving – A creativity blitz introducing ideation techniques
  • What do you see? – Drawing the world around you in your eyes, with your voice
  • Art Therapy – Representing emotions in drawing and communicating feelings
  • Everything we touch in a day – Social insight based on Paola Zuccotti’s powerful book

Key benefits and outcomes

  • Find your artistic voice
  • Inspire your creative mind
  • Gain practical experience in a range of media Develop your artistic mind and identity by exploring the creative process, forms of expression and design thinking. Explore themes such as mental health, sustainability, the environment and peace through media such as art, sculpture, architecture, film and storytelling.


As you discover different forms of expression throughout your course you will collect all the work you produce into a formal portfolio, packed with all the prototypes, unfinished drafts (you never know where you will find your next great idea!) and final products you design over the week, forming an impressive and energising collection of your own art.

School events

  • An immersive creative experience
  • Design and lead artistic social events
  • Innovate and inspire others In addition to art and design sessions, our programmes also include a range of fun social activities that our art and design students play a key role in developing and leading, putting all their creative skills into practice in a real performative situation.
  • Fashion Show – Plan, promote and host the school Fashion Show! This is an evening event for all students in the school and Art and Design students have the responsibility of bringing it to life by adding real dynamic flair to the evening. This includes creating a theme and tag line for the fashion show, the setup and structure of the event and even the music.
  • Photography Competition – Construct your own personal gallery of work in our Photography Competition inspired by the annual Sony photography awards. These photos can carry a direct message related to a theme of your choice, or can be intentionally open to interpretation, with the objective of inspiring the viewer. All staff and students from the school will attend your galleries and then vote for the best photographs.

Rochester Independent Summer School

Building on the College’s reputation for both academic excellence and creativity, we are excited to offer our popular 2-week Art & Design course. This is best for creatively-minded students seeking a British boarding school environment which focuses on individuality, diversity and flexibility, with the opportunity to explore a range of creative projects such as art, film and fashion, and to develop their English language skills. The urban campus has an award-winning wildlife garden at its heart, providing a university-like campus experience. At RIC the focus is on individuality, diversity and flexibility; values we’ve woven into our course. We are looking forward to welcoming young people from all over the world to Rochester from July to mid-August to develop their passions and have a taste of life at a British boarding school. Rochester Independent College and SBC are both part of the Dukes Education family of schools. Rochester Summer School is delivered by RIC in collaboration with SBC.


All of our students will live on-site at Rochester Independent in comfortable accommodation with single and shared study bedrooms with wifi access and common rooms. Some rooms come fully equipped with ensuite bathrooms and others are shared between a small number of students. RIC’s boarding is all on-campus, and as all of RIC’s accommodation is on-site, students do not have to travel between teaching buildings and their residences. The accommodation is located in Victorian town houses which surround the campus grounds. Each house is under constant surveillance and has a warden present in an office with First Aid and medication.


Every day after class our College Mentors deliver an exciting range of wellbeing activities and events, where students will have every chance to build key team-working and communication skills whilst, most importantly, have an amazing time! This part of the experience helps ensure that students socialise with others outside of their classes and build a sense of community throughout the programme. As well as a wide range of traditional team sports, our artists can choose to take part in other wellbeing and fun activities such as yoga, poetry and arts & crafts. Led by our outgoing and compassionate College Mentors everything about SBC’s wellbeing programme has students at the very heart of it. Everything is chosen and shaped around the interests of the students. With the centre of Rochester on their doorstep, our social programme explores much of what the historic town of Rochester has to offer, including informative walking tours by the river Medway and the stunning Norman castle, as well as trips to local shopping malls and the Pirate Cove Adventure in nearby Chatham. To help ensure that students develop their growing independence they are provided with free time in small groups (parental permission permitting) in which they can explore their new surroundings, including The UK’s largest second hand bookstore which can be found towards the bottom of Rochester’s high street.


Art & Design students will have two day trips to enjoy, including a sightseeing-filled trip to London, which is approximately an hour away by train or coach. Our expert social programme team designs unforgettable visits to London for all of our students to look forward to. In previous years, itineraries have included Kew gardens, guided tours of London and visiting the museums of Greenwich and Knightsbridge. Every London itinerary comes with free time to explore and browse the stores of some of Britain’s most iconic brands. Visits to art galleries and exhibitions are also part of our Art & Design programme.

End of course celebration

We’re proud to celebrate our students’ achievements with a fun celebration ceremony and disco thrown beneath the marquee and fairy lights in Rochester’s beautiful garden. At the end of each two week course the celebration provides a moment of reflection to recognise achievements, both personal and academic, alongside new friends. A certificate will be presented to students during the party. We’ll also provide a report outlining all accomplishments while studying with us, along with helpful tips to guide learners in the right direction towards future success.

What's Included

  • Accommodation and All Meals
  • A Total of 50 Hours of Group Tuition
  • Practical Design and Construction Activities
  • Social Programme
  • Excursions
  • End of Course Report and Certificate

Session Dates

Any course for a student under the age of 18 includes a transportation option.
Our packages are designed to be all-inclusive. We will contact you after checkout with info of exact items included.

Summer Boarding Art ...7/9/20237/22/20232 weeks£3,200.00
Summer Boarding Art ...7/23/20238/5/20232 weeks£3,200.00
Summer Boarding Art and Design Camp
Start Date7/9/2023
End Date7/22/2023
Duration2 weeks

Summer Boarding Art and Design Camp
Start Date7/23/2023
End Date8/5/2023
Duration2 weeks
299 Fremont St, 2110, San Francisco, USA