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age icon 13-18 years old

time icon 2 weeks

book icon Weekly hours: 20

Delve into the captivating world of psychology with our Psychology Summer Programme, perfect for students intrigued by the complexities of human behavior and thought.

  • This multidisciplinary course covers a spectrum of fascinating topics, from behavioral genetics to social psychology, answering compelling questions like what makes individuals unique and what drives human behavior.
  • Our small class sizes, averaging just 7 students, ensure personalized attention and an intimate learning environment.
  • As part of this programme, you'll engage in a rich learning environment, studying, discussing, and debating a variety of psychological issues.
  • Expert tutors from world-leading universities have meticulously designed the curriculum, ensuring a comprehensive and enlightening educational experience.

This summer school is an ideal choice for those eager to explore the depths of psychology in a dynamic and thought-provoking setting.

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St. Paul’s College, 9 City Road, Camperdown NSW 2050

  • Historic First University College in Australia

  • Notable Alumni: Two former Prime Ministers, High Court Judges, 29 Rhodes Scholars

  • Influencers in Business, Law, Science, and Arts

  • Prime Location: Explore Sydney's Iconic Landmarks (Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Royal Botanic Garden, Australian Museum)

What's Included

  • 10 nights accommodation in a college of the University of Sydney campus

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner in College Hall

  • Accommodation in an individual bedroom

  • 35+ hours of academic sessions from Oxford University and Cambridge University tutors

  • Carefully designed study and lecture materials

  • Mentor program and access to support material

  • Formal hall dinners at University of Sydney campus

  • Visits to iconic landmarks including Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbor and the Taronga Zoo

  • Cultural and social activities including Australian Football, Cricket and lots of opportunities for BBQ

  • Graduation ceremony and certificate

  • Detailed evaluation written by tutor


Are you worried that your days will be full of studying with no time to see the sites or socialize?

  • Cultural and social activities including Australian Football, Cricket and lots of opportunities for BBQ
  • Engaging lessons,
  • Interactive workshops and a plethora of social fun and discovery!


Our accommodation at St. Paul’s College offers the finest collegiate educational experience for our academic summer programme:

  • Participants stay in comfortable single bedrooms with access to common rooms and event spaces for our social and cultural program.

  • Males and females have separate accommodation, and there is wi-fi available throughout.


  • Sydney Harbour Cruise
  • Sports Tournament at Manly Beach
  • Murder Mystery Night at the College
  • Full-Day Excursion:
    • Explore Iconic Sydney Landmarks
    • Sydney Opera House
    • Australian Museum
    • Royal Botanic Gardens

Activities and excursions are run by our team of friendly mentors who are current University of Sydney students and city experts.


Arrival Time for the Programme

  • **Recommended: **Between 14:00 and 16:00 on the first day

Upon Arrival:

  • Head to Main Reception at St. Paul’s College

  • Staff assistance for Welcome and Registration

  • Receive Arrival Pack and Room Keys

Airport Transfer Service:

  • For Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport (SYD) arrivals

  • Shared, chaperoned service

  • Departs from Terminal 1

  • Transfer times: 11:00 and 14:00 on Sunday

  • Cost: £70 per journey

  • Booking Deadline: 30th November 2023

Driving to the Programme:

  • Short-stay visitor parking available on-site

  • Entry via City Road gates, down the driveway

  • Main office: through arched doorway on the left

Lesson Plan

  • 35+ hours of academic sessions from Oxford University and Cambridge University tutors
  • Academic skills workshops
  • Personal project / presentation

Academic Skills Workshops:

  • Unlock participants’ potential, giving them the tools to prepare for the next steps of their education and future goals.
  • Focus on enhancing study skills
  • Support for University-Level Learning
  • Diverse and enriching range of topics – past examples have ranged from ‘Productivity tips’ to ’21st Century Technology Skills’.
  • Unique Learning Experience Outside Traditional Schools

Sample Modules:

Module 1: An Introduction to Psychology

  • Explore the complex study of mind and behavior
  • Understand how we think, feel, and make decisions
  • Investigate unconscious processes and neural mechanisms Module 2: Behavioral Genetics: Nature vs. Nurture
  • Examine the genetic influence on psychological traits
  • Explore the impact of upbringing and social environment
  • Learn about biotechnology's role in studying behavior and genes Module 3: Cognitive Psychology: Seeing and Remembering
  • Challenge perceptions of senses and memory
  • Study cognitive illusions and brain sensitivity
  • Discover how our brains process and interpret information Module 4: Personal Project
  • Engage in an area of personal interest within psychology
  • Present and discuss findings with peers
  • Receive feedback from expert psychology tutors

Sample Tutors

Benjamin F:

  • PhD Candidate and Undergraduate Supervisor, Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge.

  • Doctoral Thesis: "Evidence, Bias and Replication in Animal Intelligence" – focuses on research processes in animal minds.

  • Published 5 articles in international peer-reviewed journals.

  • Delivered invited lectures at the American Psychological Association and Stockholm Cultural Evolution Symposium.

  • Taught various undergraduate courses in Natural Sciences and Psychological and Behavioural Sciences at Cambridge.

  • Graduated with a 1st Class degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Cambridge.

Guest Speakers from Previous Summers:

  • Abi Oyepitan - Former Olympian: A two-time Olympian and Commonwealth Gold and Silver winning track and field athlete.

  • Dr Lynda Shaw - Neuroscientist & entrepreneur: A journey in personal development - how to create your own set of tools to fast track success

  • Dr Nigel Warburton - Philosopher, author & journalist: How do great people find answers to deep and meaningful questions?​​


  • Transfer fee: per journey 90 USD (From Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport Terminal 1, 11:00 and 14:00. Available till 30th November 2023)


  • This program is accredited by British Accreditation Council (BAC)

  • Meets global standards for academic provision and student welfare

  • Top priority for participant safety

  • Staff undergo enhanced background checks and safeguarding training

  • Participants assigned to a “Mentor Family” of 10 students

  • Mentors offer support, advice, and share their experiences

  • School management and supervision is managed by senior, experienced College Managers in Cambridge, Oxford, London, and Sydney

  • College Managers trained to Level 3 Safeguarding standards

  • Resident summer team and college personnel supervise sites 24/7

  • Encourage student independence within safe boundaries

  • Team supervision ensures safe and rewarding experience


This program is suitable for:

  • Students with at least a B2 level of English.

  • Students aged 16-18 years old.

  • Students are required to travel to Australia to join the programme in person.


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