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Performing Arts at Juilliard

age icon 12-18 years old

time icon 2 weeks

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Discover your artistic potential this summer with the exclusive Summer Performing Arts with Juilliard!

  • Immerse yourself in a transformative experience that spans two exhilarating sessions of two or four weeks, where passion meets expertise.
  • Delve deep into your chosen major, be it music, dance, or drama, and refine your craft under the tutelage of the prestigious Juilliard artist faculty.
  • Set in the inspiring halls of Windermere Preparatory School, this program is your gateway to a world of technical mastery and creative exploration.
  • Connect with like-minded talents from across the globe and become a part of a vibrant global community of artists. Whether you're looking to elevate your performance skills or to unlock new artistic dimensions, the Summer Performing Arts with Juilliard is where your journey begins.

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Windermere Preparatory School in Orlando, FL (USA)

  • Residential students stay in the new, luxurious Venetian Isle apartments.

  • Proximity: Just minutes from Windermere Preparatory School campus.

  • High-end, hand-selected finishes for an upscale living experience.

  • Resort-inspired amenities for leisure and relaxation.

  • Top-tier security measures to ensure student safety.

What's Included

Full Board - Residential Students:

  • Includes:

    • Housing

    • Meals

    • Classes

    • Lessons

    • Excursions

    • Application fee $100

Day Course - Commuter Students:

  • Includes:

    • Classes

    • Lessons

    • Lunch

    • Application fee $100


A variety of activities fostering personal growth and relaxation.

  • Evening entertainment for boarding students includes:Movie nights
  • Shopping trips
  • Mini-golf
  • Games nights with ping-pong, foosball, billiards
  • Supervised swimming


  • Separate boys' and girls' accommodation with shared recreational areas.

  • Furnished rooms with twin beds, accommodating 2 students each.

  • Provided amenities: work tables, linens, pillows, towels, and blankets.

  • Weekly change of provided linens and towels; personal pillows or blankets optional.

  • Own sheets not recommended due to weekly laundry service.

  • Full-time House Parents and part-time Residential Assistants oversee dorm life.

  • House Parents ensure student well-being, safety, and community engagement.

  • A supportive environment ensures students' comfort, happiness, and program involvement.

  • Daily provision of three nutritious meals prepared by Chefs and Certified Nutritionists.

  • On-campus dining hall, newest campus addition completed in 2017.

  • Dining hall features various seating options: table top, counter, and booth.

  • Picturesque view overlooking the football field.


  • Day-off excursions to nearby Disney or Universal theme parks for memorable experiences.

Lesson Plan

Session 1: Majoring in Drama, Piano or Voice

Drama Major:

  • Condensed experience of Juilliard's first two years of acting training.

  • Led by Juilliard professors and alumni knowledgeable in the school's methods.

  • Activities include:

    • Solo and group work in physical expression and vocal training.
    • Ensemble acting and creative techniques to unleash theatrical creativity.
  • Sample Courses:

    • Theater Games
    • Physical Characterization
    • Audition Techniques
    • Voice and Speech Training
    • Warm-Up Methods
    • Shakespearean Acting
    • Theatrical Movement
    • Page-to-Stage Text Interpretation
    • Kinetic Impulse Work
    • Mask Improvisation

Piano Major:

  • Focus on concert pianist performance, both solo and chamber music.

  • Daily master class lessons and Ensemble Piano collaboration.

  • Artist Seminars on various relevant topics.

  • Emphasis on artistic development, confidence-building, and peer engagement.

  • Concluding performances showcase two weeks of intensive study.

  • Benefits:

    • Small classes for personalized attention.
    • Direct interaction with skilled faculty fostering artistic growth.
  • Sample Courses:

    • Master Class-style Piano Lessons
    • Daily Studio Performances
    • Ensemble and Chamber Music Coaching
    • Private Lessons
    • Individual Practice Sessions
    • Artist Seminar Topics:
      • - Performance Anxiety Management
      • - Studies of Great Pianists
      • - Audition and Competition Preparation
      • - The Art of Musical Collaboration
      • - Memorization Techniques
      • - Onstage Presence Cultivation
    • Guest Workshops from Drama or Voice Faculty

Voice Major:

  • Aimed at developing well-rounded solo and ensemble singers.

  • Features private lessons and masterclasses for classic and lyric theater repertoire.

  • Includes both small chorale and large festival choir experiences.

  • Focuses on:

    • Healthy vocal production.
    • Dramatic expression.
    • Sight-singing and musicianship.
    • Vocal techniques and leadership.
  • Culminates in final solo and chamber music performances.

  • Sample Courses:

    • Morning Vocal Warm-Up sessions.
    • Chorale singing for group dynamics.
    • Musicianship classes for theoretical knowledge.
    • Voice Masterclass for solo vocal development.
    • Festival Choir participation for large-scale ensemble work.
    • Private one-on-one voice lessons.
    • Chamber Music & Scene Study for performance preparation.
    • College & Audition Prep to help with future endeavors.
    • Awakening your Inner Artist workshops for creative exploration.

Session 2: Majoring in Dance or Musical Theatre

Dance Major:

  • Immersive environment for a broad study of dance styles.

  • Daily technique classes for anatomical, spatial, and sensory knowledge.

  • Creative potential explored through dance composition and improvisation.

  • Performance opportunities to build confidence and ensemble collaboration.

  • Global faculty and peer interaction for self-expression and development.

  • Directed by Juilliard alumna Caroline Fermin for intermediate-advanced dancers.

  • Sample Courses:

    • Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz
    • Improvisation and Choreography
    • Repertory, Performance, and Partnering
    • Anatomical Awareness
    • Seminars on Injury Prevention, Nutrition, Mental Wellness, Dance Careers, and Dancers in Media

Musical Theater Major:

  • Pre-professional intensive for developing singer-actors.

  • Industry-experienced faculty teaching singing, acting, and dancing techniques.

  • Focus on healthy vocal, acting, and dance training principles.

  • Emphasizes process-oriented learning to build a personal technique toolbox.

  • Culminates in a faculty-directed final performance.

  • Open Stage Night for informal, student-directed artistic expression.

  • Prepares students for professional theater practice.

  • Sample Courses:

    • Private Voice Lessons
    • Group Voice and Acting Classes
    • Movement & Theatre Jazz Dance Technique
    • Scene study, character & script analysis, body/voice control, and performance tactics
    • Alexander Technique for body awareness
    • Artistic Seminars on Viewpoints, Musical Phrasing, Audition Techniques, Improvisation, Calming Performance Anxiety, College Audition Process


  • Application Fee: $100 USD (included in course fee)

Session Dates

Good News! You are not going to pay the full fee today, just a small deposit. After paying today, you will first get an enrollment form, and then receive a booking confirmation.

June - Boarding

Start 6/30/2024
End 7/27/2024
Duration 4 Weeks
Price $13,200

June - Day Camp

Start 6/30/2024
End 7/27/2024
Duration 4 Weeks
Price $9,600

June - Boarding

Start 6/30/2024
End 7/13/2024
Duration 2 Weeks
Price $6,650

June - Day Camp

Start 6/30/2024
End 7/13/2024
Duration 2 Weeks
Price $4,850

July - Boarding

Start 7/14/2024
End 7/27/2024
Duration 2 Weeks
Price $6,650

July - Day Camp

Start 7/14/2024
End 7/27/2024
Duration 2 Weeks
Price $4,850

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