World-Class Summer School for Teens at the Lake Geneva Campus in Switzerland

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Course Description

One of the Most Exceptional Swiss Boarding Schools Offers You “Catch Up” or “Level Up”

The summer school is the finest bridge back to school. The focused academic environment is enhanced in efficiency by smaller classes and fewer learning hours. Shorter study durations mean teachers can set precise goals and students will find it easier to meet them. Intense, strategic immersion in a subject, plus more attention from your tutor, is guaranteed to improve grades. Therefore, World-Class Summer School has always been highly recommended as the perfect ‘catch-up’ or ‘level-up’ for every student. World-Class Summer School at the Lake Geneva Campus is the perfect place for 8-15 year old. Located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the camp offers revision courses in the morning, a choice of sport, tech and creative activities in the afternoon and evenings full of cultural and social pursuits. Every weekend, your child will be taken on excursions to get to know the culture and environment in one of the world’s most celebrated societies. For those who likes to make the most and best of a summer, World-Class Summer School at Geneva Campus is the right address.


In Rolle, 30km from Geneva city, the main campus (for the boys) and the La Combe campus (for the girls) are situated within landscaped grounds covering 30 hectares.

The campus was established in 1880 in the chateau with its extensive estate. The historic original building, dating back to the 14th century, was then a run-down medieval castle, but it was carefully renovated and the campus improved during the 20th century.

The Paul & Henri Carnal Hall, known as the school’s Arts & Learning Centre, includes a cooking lab, visual arts and photography rooms, theatre and music studios. At the heart of the building is located the 900- seat concert hall.

What's Included

-Full board and accommodation in a twin-bed room (or, at certain camps or special activities, in tents or mountain refuges), according to age.

-Provision of bed linen and towels.

-Full laundry service (dry cleaning is not provided during the camps).

-Classes, sports, arts and activities offered within the programme, including associated coaching and material. Evening activities.

-Excursions, cruises and weekend activities.

-Insurance of emergency expenses in case of accident and illness. This is a travel insurance and assistance solution providing cover in the event of a medical emergency resulting from illness or accident. If the child’s health/accident insurance in his/her country of residence does not cover the costs abroad or if the child does not have health/accident insurance, our insurance is activated to cover the costs in Switzerland during the camp. In all cases, our company will contact the child’s health insurance, if it exists.

-Personal liability insurance, and local taxes.

-Transport to and from Geneva Airport on the official days of arrival and departure.

Starting From


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Age Range 8-15 Years
Duration 3 Weeks
Start Dates 8/6/2024
Weekly Course Hours 17 hours

In the afternoon: Sports, Tech & Creative Activities

Choose 5 from the following options: Archery, Badminton, Basketball, Beach volleyball , Cooking, Creative arts, Digital photography, Fitness training, Football, Golf (practice only), Horse riding, Indoor climbing, Nautical sports (Sailing, Stand-up-paddling), Pool Activities (Swimming and Water Games), Robotics, Self-defence, Singing, Sports Mix (Baseball, Frisbee, Uni-hockey...), Street dance, Table tennis, Tennis, Wake-boarding and wake-surfing, Water-skiing, Web design, Yoga.

In the evening: Entertainment

Every evening has something different in store! From inter-team competitions to discos, BBQs, movie nights, karaoke, s'mores around the fire, entertainment by buildings or a Swiss-themed dinner.

And at the weekends...

There are two periods for the Academy of your choice on Saturday morning. For the rest of the weekend excursions and activities both on- and off-campus await! These range from adventures in the Alps, karting, laser tag, practising water sports at our **nautical centre **and more.




In our Lake Geneva Campus, students are grouped according to age: Juniors (8-12 years old), and Seniors (13 to 15 years old).

Juniors and Seniors live in separate buildings. A Junior student may not share a room with a Senior. 

Juniors have an early bedtime (21h30 vs 22h00 for the Seniors); Juniors and Seniors follow similar weekend excursions but are divided into 2 groups; in the dining room, Juniors and Seniors are assigned to different tables. 

Boys and girls sleep in separate buildings. However, sports and activities are mixed. 

Some of the youngest Juniors may be in a co-ed building, where one floor is for boys and one floor is for girls. 

Counsellors and teachers live on the floor with the students. The aim is to create a family atmosphere, to ensure the well-being of each child and to have a permanent presence to maintain order and security. 

We allocate rooms 24h before camp starts and this information is not provided to parents in advance. Any request to share a room with someone in particular must be communicated to the school** least** one week before the camp starts. No room changes will be allowed after that. We try to make sure that each room is occupied by 2 different nationalities/cultures to ensure an intercultural exchange can happen. 

All our rooms are spacious twins with ensuite bathrooms. A mini-safe is provided per student. All bedding and towels are provided. 

There is no air conditioning in the rooms. Fans, however, are available in case of a heat wave. 


Internationally inspired meals are served buffet style. Meals are prepared by our own chefs who pay meticulous attention to quality, presentation and flavour to produce healthy, balanced menus. During mealtimes, each student is assigned a table which is also shared with the camp teachers. Attendance at all meals is compulsory.

Any food allergies (gluten free, lactose free, peanuts, etc.) should be clearly indicated in the health questionnaire. Meals on the menu containing pork will be indicated. Vegetarian menus are also offered.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide Kosher, Halal or vegan meals.

We know how important birthdays are, and especially so if it’s the first time the children are celebrating it away from home. We’ll organise cakes, balloons and sing happy birthday in the dining room.

There are two periods for the Academy of your choice on Saturday morning. For the rest of the weekend excursions and activities both on- and off-campus await! These range from adventures in the Alps, karting, laser tag, practising water sports at our **nautical centre **and more.



At the airport

A camp desk is situated in the Arrivals area at Geneva Airport, right next to the visitor centre.

Children travelling alone are met by our staff, wearing the camp uniform, and driven to camp.

The school organises transfers from and to Geneva airport only on the official dates of arrival and departures, which is included in the camp fee. Outside these dates, transport organization is the responsibility of the parents. 

No transportation is organised from/to Zürich Airport nor train stations. 

No visa, flight reservation or modification will be made by the school.

If you are travelling with your child, we are unable to offer you transportation. The campus is easily accessible by car or train (30 minutes to Rolle).

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Lesson Plan

World-Class Summer School at the Lake Geneva Campus is structured to make the most of your child’s time here, balancing intellectual pursuits with creative work, cultural explorations and time to socialize and make friends for life.

How? Here is the answer:

There are 4 daily periods of 45 minutes devoted to the Academy of your choice:

  • ENGLISH You have the option to combine English classes with French or Maths. Or, you can choose to devote all 4 periods to intensive English.
  • FRENCH You have the option to combine French classes with English or Maths. Or you can choose to devote all 4 periods to intensive French.
  • MATHS You have the option to combine Maths classes with English or French. Maths is taught in English only. 
  • EXPRESSIVE ARTS New in 2022! Access all areas of the expressive arts to shine on stage, including diction, vocal expression, physical theatre and even storytelling. Go behind the scenes to craft the ultimate set, lighting and staging.

Children aged 13 and up can also choose:

  • The Leadership Program: hands on workshops in public-speaking, non-verbal communication, dance, singing, research, critical thinking, time management, self defense and more. The program includes outdoor challenges and nature expeditions.
  • The Tech Program: guided by tech wizards, your child will work through coding, robotics and 3D design to create a project that will be showcased at the end of the camp.
  • **Digital Creativity: **Give your creativity a digital boost with this introductory course into all things tech-enabled: shooting and editing photos, videos, and drone footage; creating digital illustrations; understanding the basics of 3D animation. Cover a wide range of software from Photoshop to Premiere Pro, After Effects, Procreate and Blender. Let your creativity fly! This Academy is limited to 12 students.
  • **Creative Writing: **Examine, discuss and debate a range of literary works before taking to the page yourself to create a work of fiction or nonfiction of your own. With close analysis of different writers (including your favourites), discover what ingredients make for an excellent piece of writing and use these new skills to bring your characters and worlds to life.Students should have a good command of the English language (equivalent or similar to CEFR B2).


-Outside camp dates, airport transfers are provided by a camp driver or by a local taxi company the cost for which is approximately CHF 500.-. This service is not included in the camp fees and will be deducted from your child’s pocket money.

-Pocket Money is not included to the camp price



Session Dates

Wonderful! Good News! You are not going to pay the full fee today, just a small deposit. After paying today, you will first get an enrollment form, and then receive a booking confirmation.

Summer School Camp
Start 8/6/2024
End 8/24/2024
Duration 3 Weeks
Price $12,860.00

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