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age icon 4-18 years old

time icon 53 weeks

Pre-School to High-School.

We have designed a¬†challenging, international curriculum that offers unmatched depth and¬†prepares students for a¬†wide range of¬†external examinations including IGCSEs, A-Levels, Advanced Placement¬ģ (APs), the¬†IB¬ģ International Baccalaureate and¬†the¬†GIB¬ģ DP¬†Programme.


  • Rosenberg International Curriculum



  • German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Turkish, Russian, Portugese, Swedish, Polish, &¬†many others upon request.


  • More than 60¬†Co-Curricular Options, including:

  • Diplomacy &¬†Leadership, Wealth Creation &¬†Investment, Applied Robotics, Art Portfolio, Survival Skills, Business Entrepreneurship, Biotechnology, Fashion &¬†Textile Design, Family Business, Culinary Lab, School Band, Performing Arts, Creative Technology &¬†Engineering

  • ¬†More than 40¬†Athletic Options, including: Horse-Riding, Fencing, Basketball, Swimming, Archery, Yoga, Skiing, Tennis, Kickboxing, Golf, Football, Personal Training, Table Tennis, Mountain Biking, Hip Hop &¬†Contemporary Dance


  • CEFR A1-C2 (including Cambridge, Goethe, DELF)

  • SAT¬ģ

  • IELTs‚ĄĘ

  • IGCEs

  • GCSE A-Levels

  • Advanced Placement¬ģ (AP)

  • IB¬ģ International Baccalaureate

  • GIB¬ģ International Baccalaureate

Eight Students per class and a staff to student ratio of 1:2

Why are we the only elite boarding school worldwide to offer such a breadth of academic programmes? Simply because we know that one size doesn’t fit all. Our uncompromising committment to quality also entails small classes with an average of eight students per course and a staff to student ratio of 1:2. 

It is not uncommon for Rosenberg students to take early external qualifications.

We believe that school should be both fun and challenging, while providing academic pathways that meet every individual student’s strengths and goals for the future. The Rosenberg International Curriculum is internationally accredited and widely recognised for its academic depth and its cross-subject links to encourage interdisciplinary thinking. It is also not at all uncommon for Rosenberg students to take early external qualifications or classes well ahead of their age-group.

Our teaching artisans continuously develop the Rosenberg International Curriculum to ensure it is both relevant and up-to-date. In the process of this, we keep up with the latest advancement in international curricula development and collaborate with world-leading universities such as ETH Zurich to jointly develop our coding, robotics and technology offering.

Maximum flexibility.

The proprietary Rosenberg International Curriculum allows us to be the only elite boarding school to offer a consistent and uninterrupted academic pathway from Pre-School until the end of High-School while offering the flexibility for students to join at different stages of the programme.

Each student‚Äôs learning journey is¬†carefully guided by¬†our academic mentors and¬†monitored by¬†our Individual Development Plan ‚ÄstIDP¬ģ Specialists to¬†ensure students are meeting their goals and¬†achieve to¬†the¬†best of¬†their abilities.

Individual Development Plan ‚ÄstIDP¬ģ

Rosenberg has taken holistic and individual learning to the next level. There has been much debate between educators about how students should be encouraged to take an active stake in their own education and at the same time being carefully guided towards discovering and reaching their individual goals for the future. At our Swiss boarding school, we meet the high ambitions of our students and families through our individual development planning.

Parents are part of the team

In this process, parents are part of team, sharing their vision for the education of their children with our specialists. We carefully map and monitor student progress, providing professional advice and support where necessary. Guidance counsellors and academic mentors provide regular feedback on progress while providing students with an ongoing point of contact for questions and support. The result is pure educational artisanship. 

Augmented Learning.

Rosenberg students have exclusive access to¬†the¬†MY¬†ROSENBERG IDP¬ģ student app, a¬†seamless information platform for school calendars, grades, communication and¬†much more. Optimised for Apple¬ģ and¬†Android¬ģ mobile devices, students can even use the¬†app to¬†inform the¬†school and¬†their parents about their travel plans.¬†

Changing the Paradigm of Education.

Imagine a school that allows you to explore and develop your talents through an unprecedented range of subject courses ranging from fashion design to artificial intelligence. Over 100 different courses covering a vast array of areas of interest, many at university level and a seasonally varied athletics options enable our students to broaden their horizons through a programme unlike offered at any other school.

‚ÄúCreativity is¬†Intelligence having fun!‚ÄĚ

** -Albert Einstein **

Our Talent & Enrichment programme instills and fosters an entrepreneurial spirit through passionate engagement with the world outside the classroom doors and enriches traditional education in an unprecedented way.

Organised like a school within a school, students choose the courses that suit their interests, many of which are offered in collaboration with industry leading companies and experts. These are not mere clubs or after school activities, this is Rosenberg Talent & Enrichment.


Courageous Explorers.

The love for learning and discovery starts at an early age at Institut auf dem Rosenberg. Our Pre-Schoolers already come with an array of talents and distinct qualities with varied cultural backgrounds and linguistic abilities.

In true entrepreneurial spirit our Pre-schoolers are encouraged to develop their love for learning through discovery of the exciting world around them, while expert teachers hone each child’s academic skills and nurture talent. Starting at the tender age of 4 years old, Pre-schoolers embark on their journey to prepare for the best primary school education.

Primary School:

My Guide: My Curiosity

Rosenberg primary school students love school and learning. We challenge curious thinkers while encouraging academic excellence, whether experimenting in science, learning about their heroes or taking part in mathematics competitions. Curious learners are in their element from Grade 1 onwards at Rosenberg where no question is ignored and every answer is supported and proved.

Guided by trained and experienced professionals, students learn in English alongside a strong German enrichment programme on a variety of levels, from native speakers to beginners. Students’ linguistic abilities and a deep understanding of cultural backgrounds are nurtured at every step of the way with an offering of an unmatched quantity of additional languages on offer.

Primary students also take an active part in the Rosenberg Talent & Enrichment Programme to experience and explore the active world outside of the classroom. 

Middle School:

Masters of Independent Learning.

The years in¬†middle school are the¬†formative years for students ‚Ästa¬†critical time when they discover where their passions lie and¬†where it¬†is¬†often determined whether they succeed with ease or¬†have to¬†strive to¬†achieve. This is¬†why exploring and¬†testing one‚Äôs skills across the¬†entire range of¬†subjects is¬†imperative at¬†this stage of¬†education.

The Rosenberg Middle School programme has been carefully designed to deliver breadth and challenge across a wide range of subjects. Studying Business, History, Sciences and the core subjects such as Mathematics or English, at four individual levels alongside three different art subjects, Middle School students have the opportunity to acquire the critical skills to become masters of independent learning. Middle school students are never idle, always challenged and active. They still however have the time to learn coding from ETH professors, how to dance the salsa or cook Malaysian cuisine.   

High School:

The Quest for Excellence.

IB¬ģ, AP¬ģs, A-Levels or¬†the¬†Rosenberg High School Diploma: What‚Äôs your flavour? We¬†are the¬†only Swiss private boarding school to¬†offer all of¬†the¬†above programmes under one roof because we¬†believe that one size doesn‚Äôt fit all.¬†Our vast range of¬†academic options allow us¬†to¬†always provide the¬†most suitable high school programme, depending on¬†a¬†student‚Äôs academic profile and¬†their plans for university.

Hundreds of courses and thousands of possible course combinations.

High School is¬†the¬†reason why all Rosenbergers walk around with a¬†smile on¬†their face ‚Ästbecause they have chosen everything they do¬†all day long. Starting in¬†Grade 9,¬†the¬†High School programme is¬†governed by¬†the¬†IDP¬ģ, which helps our students determine what they want to¬†study and¬†how to¬†achieve their goals. Our students have the¬†choice and¬†privilege to¬†choose from an¬†unprecedented amount of¬†options, making the¬†Rosenberg programme the¬†most versatile on¬†earth.

Accredited School Leaving Qualifications

  • GCSE A-Levels

  • Rosenberg High School Diploma

  • Rosenberg High School Diploma with Advanced Placement¬ģ (APs)

  • IB¬ģ International Baccalaureate DP

  • GIB¬ģ International Baccalaureate DP


My¬†Passion ‚ÄstMy¬†Profession.

This is¬†where it¬†all comes together and¬†all the¬†hard work pays off. We¬†have nurtured our students‚Äô passions and¬†talents throughout their education ‚Ästthis is¬†their moment to¬†shine. Rosenberg students understand that excellent academic attainment is¬†only one part of¬†a¬†successful university application.

This is where it all comes together.

Achievements outside the classroom, including Rosenberg Talent & Enrichment courses, internships, awards and experiences, are all vital requirements of admission to leading universities around the world.

100% University Acceptance Rate.

Sounds daunting?¬†Not for students who receive early professional advice and¬†guidance throughout the¬†process with an¬†impressive 100% university acceptance rate. As the¬†last stage of¬†our individual guidance process, our dedicated IDP¬ģ College Counsellors are here to¬†support our students‚Äô university applications at¬†any university anywhere on¬†the¬†globe, including professional interview training for Oxbridge or¬†the¬†Ivy League Universities.

Tuition Fees Approximately

150,000 CHF

& More

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