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Immerse Education Fine Art at University College London

Dates and Tuition

Please check the course dates carefully as each course's schedule and holidays may be different.

Weekly course hours – 20

Age Range - 16-18 yrs

Session DatesDuration
2 weeks
2 weeks

This fantastic camp in University College London is the perfect gateway to fine art for 16-18 years olds.

Career-focused Fine Art programme in London

On this unique programme, you will explore real-world issues relating to the context of your chosen subject, working alongside other academically talented participants to innovate and pitch groundbreaking ideas. Interactive workshops and networking events offer you the opportunity to learn from professionals in the business.  This is a choice for the fine art or art history buff. Participants gain more knowledge of the industry and what it takes to work either as a creator or curator in the field. Students will learn from professionals in the fine art and design space who are either working in corporate settings or as independent creators.  

Learn from exceptional institutions and industry leaders changing the world of Fine Art

One of the most exciting parts of the Career Insights programme is the unique opportunity for participants to attend inspiring industry visits whereby you can interact and learn from industry professionals in your field of study. Industry visits take learning out of the classroom and into the real world, where you can observe and explore how the skills and knowledge built throughout the programme apply to a career in your subject. This unique aspect of our programme ensures students also gain the chance to network directly with industry professionals who may share with you opportunities you hadn’t otherwise envisioned. 

Find out what it takes to work in the industry through real-world projects

You will explore concepts and share ideas in small groups of like-minded and ambitious peers from around the world. In classes averaging 7 students, you will be guided by expert project leads who offer an insight into their industry. Our rigorous vetting process guarantees that all participants are taught by engaging and supportive educators who are, most of all, enthusiastic about sharing their expertise to ensure our summer school teaching is of the highest quality. Immerse™ is an unrivalled academic experience.

Example Modules

Art and Ideas: This module allows you to understand the broad framework and “big picture” of art history, as you explore movements that have influenced art over time such as Classical Culture, Religion, the Enlightenment Period, Romanticism, Post-Colonialism as well as scholarly personalities such as Plato, Aquinas, Darwin, Freud and Marx. By the end of this unit, you will have formed a critical understanding of how art has developed over time and the key influences that have shaped and transformed it.

Modernist and Post-Modernist Art: This module explores the histories of contemporary artworks while tracing their lineage through the range of experimental practices from Modernism to Post-Modernism. We’ll take a look at some of the most influential artists of the modernist and postmodern eras and evaluate both their influence and opportunities in the world of art.

Visual Analysis: In this module, we will introduce different methods of visual analysis and interpretation. We will also look at methods for interpreting art, culture, and cultural products. Part of our inquiry may include a look at semiotics, iconography/iconology, gender, Marxism, and non-European aesthetic systems, as methods of analysing visual analysis.

**Contempoarary Issues: **This module offers an opportunity for students to explore a debate within the visual arts on personal and individual relevance. We will explore current issues in the world of fine art and form an understanding of them while learning to articulate ideas effectively.

Photography: In this module, you’ll learn how to improve your creative vision by understanding the importance of scene elements such as light, colour, and texture and identifying how you can use them to improve your photography. You will engage with a range of photography techniques as well as examine professional works and offer an informed analysis of the techniques being applied.

**Sculpting: **You will have the opportunity to learn hands-on techniques in sculpting, exploring the Sinclair Method, as well as professional sculpture skills and techniques for realist sculpture. You will learn the professional way to create a beautifully proportioned figure armature, the foundation of every good sculpture.

Drawing and Painting: You will refine your technique and express your creative vision during this module. Through practical exercises and constructive support, this part of the course empowers you to gain and develop artistic skills, letting your creativity flourish. Study and experiment with a variety of exciting materials, mediums and topics, working on paintings, prints and drawings of landscapes, interiors, figures and animals.

Installation Art: Installation artworks, sometimes described as ‘environments’, often occupy an entire room or gallery space that the spectator has to walk through in order to engage fully with the art. Some installations, however, are designed simply to be walked around and contemplated, or are so fragile that they can only be viewed from a doorway, or one end of a room. In this part of the course, we will explore a broad range of immersive installations in and around London. By the end of this module, you will have a strong understanding of what installations are and begin to develop your own ideas of installation art.

Key Facts

  • Average class size is 7
  • Maximum class size of 10 students
  • 1:1 Career Coaching
  • Personal support and guidance for success
  • Professional development workshops
  • Building essential skills for success
  • World-class experience

Activities Offered

The Career Insights timetable includes a fantastic social and cultural programme with the following excursions:

  • Visit iconic London landmarks
  • Explore a world-famous museum after dark
  • Learn new skills at an indoor skate park
  • Catch award-winning theatre on the West End
  • Experience exceptional urban regeneration at the Olympic Park


Live in the Heart of London

Career Insights takes place in our capital city, renowned as a hub of creativity, innovation and vibrant culture. Home to more iconic buildings and landmarks than any other place in the world, London is a place to be inspired and enjoy direct access to the industries of the future.

World-class facilities

With accommodation perfectly placed to explore the sights and sounds of our capital city, living in London means being connected with world-famous universities and iconic landmarks. Located between Bloomsbury and Kings Cross, we make the most of our great location with visits to industry hubs across the city, enjoying the incredible food, culture and history on offer. Our accomodation offers a comfortable, convenient base from which to explore the city.

Included with Course

  • 13 nights accommodation in central London

  • Visits to leading industries

  • 40 hours of project sessions from subject experts

  • Real-world project workshops

  • 1:1 Career Coaching

  • Full and half day excursions to iconic London landmarks

  • Formal dinner at a top London restaurant

  • Graduation ceremony and certificate

  • Detailed Career Development Plan from your personal coach

  • Comprehensive summer school insurance

  • Mentor family photograph

Session Dates

Any course for a student under the age of 18 includes a transportation option.
Our packages are designed to be all-inclusive. We will contact you after checkout with info of exact items included.

Immerse Education Fine ...7/2/20237/15/20232 weeks£5,495.00
Immerse Education Fine ...7/16/20237/29/20232 weeks£5,495.00
Immerse Education Fine Art at University College London
Start Date7/2/2023
End Date7/15/2023
Duration2 weeks

Immerse Education Fine Art at University College London
Start Date7/16/2023
End Date7/29/2023
Duration2 weeks
299 Fremont St, 2110, San Francisco, USA