Immerse Pre College Biology For Teens at Cambridge University

Immerse Pre College Biology For Teens at Cambridge University

For a better future.

Dates and Tuition

Please check the course dates carefully as each course's schedule and holidays may be different.

Weekly course hours – 20

Age Range - 16-18 yrs

Session DatesDuration

2  weeks


2  weeks


2  weeks

If you are fascinated by lab works, biological discoveries, the elements of life in each creature or considering pursuing a career in biology, Cambridge Biology Summer Program for teens, ages 16-18- might be a perfect fit for you.

Dissect Your Future and See What It Holds for You

Would you like to know what’s like to study Biology at an advance level, through carefully designed program that are taught by experts in Cambridge University?  If so, the Biology Summer School will provide fascinating insights and hand on experiences to allow you to apply the theory that you learn.  Put on your lab coat, in this summer program you will dive into cell theory deeper than ever, discover what makes something alive, how life likely originated, and explore interesting questions and challenges such as RNA world hypothesis. The scientists of tomorrow here you go! 

Why It is a Great Choice

  • Gain academic insights in Biology in an average Class Size Of 7 (Maximum 10 students)
  • Explore the subject of your curiosity to see if it fits your passion (1:1 Tutorials from Oxford and Cambridge University )
  • Participate in Future and Academic Skills Workshops (Develop key attributes such as personal branding, interview skills and academic writing)
  • Enjoy end-of-day social activities led by Mentors (Oxbridge undergraduates)
  • Receive detailed personal evaluation written by tutor and Certificate of attendance

Let’s Zoom into Cambridge Biology Summer Program for Ages 16-18


Founded in 1209, the University of Cambridge is the fourth-oldest university in the world and internationally renowned for its academic excellence, its beautiful college architecture and its prestigious and rich history. Are you ready to experience life as a Cambridge University student this summer?  All participants will be allocated to a college before arriving, based on their dates and subject choice. All colleges are central, historical, and have their own culture and character.

Course Description In small class sizes, you will be guided by expert tutors who have honed their expertise through teaching undergraduate students at world-class universities, including the universities of Cambridge, Oxford, and Harvard. You will explore novel concepts as in sample topics, mentioned below and share ideas in small groups of like-minded and ambitious peers from around the world.

Biology Course Sample Topics

  • Macromolecules Of Life: You will examine key biological macromolecules and explore their role in living systems. You will also learn about biological membranes and consider the idea of the membrane as a dynamic structure, through the concepts of membrane transport, cell signalling, and cell-cell recognition. In addition, you'll be introduced to the importance of Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Nucleic acids and discuss how these polymeric structures are constructed from simpler components.
  • **Cell Theory And Cell Structure: **The session will begin by consideration of some early pioneers of microscopy (Hooke and Leeuwenhoek) and the subsequent development of the Cell Theory. You will be reminded of the two fundamental cell types (prokaryotic and eukaryotic) and then review some of their key differences. You will also examine the role and functions of various cell organelles in a eukaryotic cell.
  • **Principles Of Bioinformatics: **Explore the importance of bioinformatics in life sciences. Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary science developed using concepts from biology, mathematics, computer science and statistics. You will explore how advances in the field of bioinformatics enabled the mapping of the entire human genome and genomes of many other organisms which led to the discovery of novel drug targets and revolutionised the field of molecular medicine.
  • How Will Advances In Biological Research Impact Upon Society?: Learn how to improve your scientific writing skills through a presentation or scientific essay, exploring how Biological research impacts upon society.


Your summer school includes experiencing living in actual student accommodation in historic Cambridge University colleges. You will spend 13 nights in a central college of the University of Cambridge. All rooms are single occupancy with shared bathroom facilities, typically at a one bathroom ratio per four participants. Some ensuite facilities are available, with priority given to participants with additional needs. Where bathroom facilities are shared, participants are accommodated by gender on separate corridors.

Your meals (breakfast and dinner) at Formal Hall.

As an student, you will also experience formal dinner three times during your stay – once per week in Cambridge, as well as in an Oxford University college on the excursion day. Formal hall is truly a memorable occasion, so remember to bring some smart clothes!


Outside of lessons, we are proud to offer a busy and diverse social program to help you get the most out of your time in Cambridge. This includes activities such as 

  • punting on the River Cam, 
  • zorb football 
  • a murder mystery night in the college.

There are also two excursions during the program, one day trip to visit Oxford and its constituent colleges, as well as an optional day out in London, seeing the city’s most famous landmarks as well as some free time for shopping. Those who choose not to travel to London are invited to afternoon tea in Cambridge. Activities and excursions are run by our team of friendly mentors – whose main job is to maximize your enjoyment.

Get to Cambridge University Participants should arrive between 2 pm and 4 pm on the first Sunday of the program. Our team will be ready and waiting to welcome you, register you, and show you to your accommodation. If you are arriving at London Heathrow Airport, we are able to offer a shared airport transfer service. This is a chaperoned service departing from London Heathrow Airport Terminal 3 and traveling directly to the colleges in Cambridge/Oxford. The transfers depart at 11:00, 14:00 and 17:00 on the Sunday of arrivals. On the final Saturday of the program, the transfers to London Heathrow Airport depart at 07:00 and 12:00. The cost of this service is £70 per journey, and it will be available to book after enrollment. Specific details, such as contact numbers, are shared with participants nearer the time of the program. If you are arriving at another airport, or by alternative means, further details about arrivals and departures are shared in your Participant Information Pack, sent with your confirmation of enrollment.

What is Included:

  • 13 nights accommodation in a central college of the University of Cambridge or Oxford
  • Breakfast and dinner in College Hall
  • Accommodation in an individual bedroom
  • 40 hours of academic sessions from Oxford University and Cambridge University tutors
  • Carefully designed study and lecture materials
  • Mentor programme and access to support material
  • All excursions- including formal dinner at Cambridge/Oxford colleges, punting, croquet
  • Comprehensive summer school insurance
  • 2 coach excursions including a trip to London
  • Graduation ceremony and certificate
  • Detailed evaluation written by tutor
  • Notebook and pen
  • Mentor family photograph
  • Free premium membership to UniPrepare's 'Nurture' plan

Session Dates

Any course for a student under the age of 18 includes a transportation option.
Our packages are designed to be all-inclusive. We will contact you after checkout with info of exact items included.

2 Weeks Full Board7/9/20237/22/20232 weeks£5,495.00
2 Weeks Full Board7/23/20238/5/20232 weeks£5,495.00
2 Weeks Full Board8/6/20238/19/20232 weeks£5,495.00
2 Weeks Full Board
Start Date7/9/2023
End Date7/22/2023
Duration2 weeks

2 Weeks Full Board
Start Date7/23/2023
End Date8/5/2023
Duration2 weeks

2 Weeks Full Board
Start Date8/6/2023
End Date8/19/2023
Duration2 weeks

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We have been working with parents and children around the world

They want to repeat

They were happy. They want to repeat, they have done friends from all over the world, good quality, opened their minds and enjoyed a lot. Thanks for helping me selecting these camps! I'm grateful!! 🙏🙏🙏


Father of 4 from Argentina

The kids are having such a great time

Hey Best Parents - The kids are having such a great time and I am resting well in beautiful St. Gallen. This has been excellent all around. Thanks again 🙏


Mother of 2 from USA

Mindblowing Service

Yes my son enjoyed his program very much. We will definitely continue to work with Best Parents in the future. As my son gets closer to college we need your support in enrolling my son in programs that will enhance his changes of getting accepted into top universities.


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