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Cambridge, UK

English Excellence - Leys School, Cambridge

About the provider: "Pioneering" - Opened 1955 by Cambridge graduate determined to help the world after WW2. All teachers DELTA qualified.

age icon 11-17 years old

time icon 2 weeks

book icon Weekly hours: 15

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Embark on an enriching linguistic journey with this dynamic program designed to elevate core English language proficiency through engaging project-based learning and interactive activities.

  • Our immersive approach ensures rapid and successful language acquisition, fostering confidence and independence in students.
  • Beyond language mastery, we prioritize the cultivation of 21st-century life skills essential for future academic, personal, and professional success.
  • Join us to unlock a world of transformative learning experiences that seamlessly blend education and enjoyment, setting the stage for a brighter and more empowered future.

Elevate your language skills with this summer program – where learning meets adventure!

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We have so much more, activities, excursion etc. If you want to explore more get more details here it.


  • Established in 1875, The Leys School is a prestigious private school in Cambridge.

  • Many Leys students go on to attend world-class universities.

  • The campus, centrally located near the Fitzwilliam Museum and University of Cambridge colleges, boasts contemporary residential accommodation, exceptional sports facilities, and a modern teaching block.

  • Whether for a short or extended period of study, The Leys aims to inspire students to reach high, mastering the English language and acquiring essential skills for learning, life, and work.

What's Included

  • Tuition, study materials and course portfolio

  • Residential accommodation on-campus and all meals

  • A full program of educational and social activities

  • A full programme of study tours

  • Free WiFi

  • Free laundry service

  • Comprehensive insurance

  • Comprehensive supervision by qualified staff

  • Airport transfers are included in the course fee

  • There is an additional £50 fee each way for any students traveling as an Unaccompanied Minor


  • Integral activity program enhances language learning and promotes natural, fluent language use.
  • Afternoon activities, including electives and Academy options, focus on improving communication, confidence, and developing academic, creative, and active skills.
  • Whole-school activities for all students include games, competitions, discos, and shows, providing a diverse and enjoyable experience.


  • Separate accommodation blocks for boys and girls with dedicated houseparents for 24/7 supervision.

  • Single, twin, and dormitory rooms with furniture provided; efforts made to mix nationalities in bedrooms for cultural exchange.

  • Separate bathrooms for boys and girls, as well as for junior and senior courses; shared showers and toilets strategically located.

  • Regular cleaning of bedrooms and bathrooms, with weekly fresh bed linen; students responsible for room tidiness with regular inspections.

  • Free weekly laundry service for machine washable clothes.

  • Nutritious meals provided with a variety of hot and cold options, including fresh fruit and vegetables, at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • Packed lunches for study tours; snacks available during breaks and evening house meetings.

  • Accommodation and meals tailored to dietary requirements, including allergies, upon notification.


Immerse yourself in British life and culture through firsthand experiences!

Our study tours are integral to our learning approach, with students preparing and completing educational tasks during their trips, discussed in subsequent lessons.

Enjoy three full-day study tours to UK destinations every two weeks, with optional activities to enhance your experience, including visits to iconic landmarks like;

  • The London Eye
  • Windsor Castle
  • Warwick Castle
  • Madame Tussauds Museum
  • Punting in Cambridge.


  • Care starts upon your child's UK arrival, managed by our Young Learners team for coordination and supervision on arrival and departure days.

  • Travel with your child directly to the school is an option, and we can arrange this.

  • Airport or station transfers, included in your package, operate from designated airports within scheduled times.

  • Free transfers available between 10 am and 5 pm, depending on student travel requirements.

  • Notify changes to departure dates at least 7 working days before your departure.

Lesson Plan

On this course, students will:

  • Gain confidence and become more independent learners and users of the English language
  • Develop their English language skills (reading writing, listening, and speaking)
  • Improve your vocabulary, pronunciation, and understanding of grammar
  • Essential 21st century life skills (communication, critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and cultural awareness)
  • Produce a portfolio of work to demonstrate progress and achievements
  • Meet new friends from across the world Project-based learning Project themes have been intentionally designed for students and teachers to take their project in a direction that best meets the group’s needs and motivations. This means that every group of students will learn something different and each student receives a personalised learning experience. Each theme will have a central guiding question that focuses the project and students work collaboratively towards the production of a tangible project outcome. This approach helps students learning faster and more successfully. It also guarantees that students will learn something new every time.


  • Out-of-hour Transportation prices: London Heathrow £205, London Stansted £105

  • Pocket Money Advice: £150-200 per week

  • Unaccompanied Minor Additional Transfer Fee: £60 (per single journey).


Watch the video to have a sneak peek for your child’s adventures!

Session Dates

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July - Boarding

Start 7/31/2024
End 8/13/2024
Duration 2 Weeks
Price £3,345

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