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Friday, March 29, 2024

Bengisu Gençay

We owe nearly every achievement women have made to sisterhood. When women come together, magic happens. Sense of humor, practical thinking, organizational skills, detail-oriented planning, and teamwork – that's the chemistry of like-minded women. Despite the myth of "women being jealous of each other and secretly competing," women can change the world. They can heal each other. This sense of unity traces back to ancient times.

That's why true freedom is a girls' vacation. We've curated destinations where you can create unique memories with your bestie.

The northern lights casting a green glow over a snowy Icelandic landscape at night, with stars visible in the clear sky

See the breathtaking northern lights casting a green glow over a snowy Icelandic landscape on a starry night.

Reykjavik, Iceland: Let’s go girls! Dive into Viking history! We promise that this will be a picture-perfect vacation. If you're into trekking, you'll adore the glacier and volcano hikes. The Golden Circle and Secret Lagoon are must-see spots. For spa lovers, the Blue Lagoon offers a relaxing retreat. Explore Iceland's gastronomic culture with food walks. And if you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of the famous Northern Lights. Not to mention the long, laughter-filled conversations you'll have.

Four cheerful young women geared up with helmets and harnesses, ready for a zip-lining adventure in a sunny outdoor park.

Embracing Adventure: Young Explorers Gear Up for Thrills

Summer Camp in Switzerland: If meeting new people is part of your vacation plans, then this summer camp in Lugano is perfect. Explore the most beautiful destinations in Switzerland and Italy through excursions and trips. Enjoy cultural visits to Europe's finest locations. With afternoon plays, sports, arts, travel excursions, and outdoor adventures, there's never a dull moment.

In addition, you can enhance your language skills with intensive courses and acquire new abilities in visual and performing arts, academic writing, IB prep,and more. Click here for more info

Rolling hills of a lush tea plantation in India with neat rows of tea bushes and a vehicle on a winding road amidst tall, slender trees.

Rolling hills of a lush tea plantation in Kerala India

Kerala, India: Embark on cruise tours through Kerala's backwaters, relax on palm-lined beaches, join in on bike rides around the area and explore local villages. Visit tea, coffee, and spice plantations in Kochi (Cochin) during sunset. Spontaneously encounter elephants and monkeys in their natural habitats. Trivandrum also offers cozy cafes, bars, and rich historical and cultural sites. Treat yourself to an Ayurvedic massage and consider staying in a temple for a spiritual retreat and re-discover yourself. Kerala, home to a powerful woman spiritual leader Amma, welcomes you to discover more about yourself through silence and meditation in her temple.

Classic American cars in various colors parked in front of the ornate architecture of the Gran Teatro de La Habana in Havana, Cuba, under a clear blue sky.

Classic American cars in front of the ornate architecture of the Gran Teatro de La Habana in Havana, Cuba.

Cuba: Immerse yourself in South American fun while practicing your Spanish! Visit Fabrica De Arte Cubano, a place that never sleeps! It’s a hub for theater, DJ performances, concerts, contemporary dance, and exhibitions.

With its stunning coasts and Caribbean Sea, Cuba is an excellent winter destination, as it has pleasant weather all year long. Don't miss Playa Pilar, Playa Paraiso, or Sirena, and explore Fusterlandia, the famous residential property where the artist Jose Fuster has lived since 1975.

A bustling New York City street scene at dusk with neon signs, including the Hard Rock Café, and people crossing the street under umbrellas.

A bustling New York City street scene outside the famous Hard Rock Café.

New York: Get ready for the ultimate girls' trip to the Big Apple! A city that never fails to surprise! Soho's designer boutiques, art galleries, and street vendors await. Enjoy a chic picnic in Central Park, visit the Museum of Modern Art, Times Square, Manhattan, and the Brooklyn Bridge, and catch a Broadway musical. Plus, don't miss the feminist fashion exhibit "Women Dressing Women" – a perfect addition to your vacation with your best friend.

Don’t forget - despite efforts to sow hate between women, sisterhood always prevails. Every moment of fun and support strengthens our bond. Happy Women's Day! Despite the challenges, we continue to rise. Love to you all.

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