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CDL Tech and Activity Program in English or French for Young Learners in Geneva

Dates and Tuition

Please check the course dates carefully as each course's schedule and holidays may be different.

Weekly course hours – 15

Age Range - 8-18 yrs

In College du Leman Summer Camp, there are various program categories such as Genius, Action, Premium and courses from computer programming, to business, robot mash-up, to leadership, language to dancing, circus , bakery an so on for young learners, ages 8-18, in Switzerland.

Fully Customizable Summer Camp, Genius, Action or Premium Program. Pick Yours.

Do you have an outdoorsy pre-teen with a love for art? Or a thoughtful teen with a flair for social media communication? Or entrepreneur spirit ? Or into pushing the limits of psychical strength? Or creating miracles in the kitchen? This list could go on, but there are programs in Collège du Léman Swiss summer camp for all of those.

Collège du Léman recognizes every child as a unique individual with particular affinities and sensitivities and creates tailor made programs for each in spanning 50 green acres, spacious campus next to Lake Geneva.

This summer when school’s out, give your child the best gift ever and pick the right program among Genius, Action or Premium.   Let Collège du Léman fine-tune a wide range of activities for young learners, aged 8 - 18 years. Then watch how your children reveal the best self in a couple of weeks.

Why It is a Great Choice

  • Supporting students to become their best selves, promoting well-being and creating life-changing experiences.

  • Challenging students to be ambitious in their learning through authentic inquiry and reflection.

  • To encourage friendship across cultures and languages from around the world.

  • Fostering well-rounded, autonomous citizens of the world who exhibit moral integrity and social responsibility.

Let’s Zoom into CDL Tech and Activity Program in English or French for Young Learners in Geneva


Situated at the edge of Lake Geneva, close to the Swiss Alps and less than 20 minutes from the airport, stunning green, village campus creates a warm community spirit that promotes health and well-being.

Collège du Léman campus features light and modern classrooms in which students can learn, work in groups and individually use the latest technology.

With plentiful recreational areas, children have a space to play and socialize outside and experience a safe, healthy and active outdoor lifestyle.

Course Description

The Customized Summer Camp by Lake Geneva has three streams: Genius, Action and Premium. There are 23 options to choose from across three categories:

  • **Genius:**Learn and develop new skills.
  • Action: Get active and creative.
  • Premium: Exceptional activities (extra fee).

Genius Program


  • Computer Programming: Under the guidance of experts in the field of programming, learn all about coding and developing software.

  • Create your Start-up: Discover all the steps and tools that you need to create your Start-up. (From 10 years old)

  • English or French Classes: Our teachers provide instruction at all levels through fun activities. Please note that it is mandatory to follow the course for two weeks. You will receive a language attestation at the end of the session.

  • Robot Mash-up: Enjoy robot battles and iPad racing with three robotics systems: SamLabs, Neuron, and Make X.

  • Science Lab: Discover the wonders of science in this fun class by looking at different scientific methods used in the laboratory in order to solve your own criminal case.


  • Future Leaders: Inside and outside classroom activities allowing one to develop knowledge of different styles of leadership and communication while delving into international politics and visiting the seat of the United Nations. From 10 years old.

  • Virtual Reality Creators Lab: Create your own Among Us game in virtual reality and navigate the levels with the Oculus headset. From 10 years old.

Action Program


  • Circus: Dive into the world of circus learning technique of juggling, balance, acrobatics and aerial hoops.

  • Arts & Crafts: Learn to draw and paint in different styles, create handmade items and visit arts museums. 


  • Champions League: Come show us your talents of footballers, games and training exercises await you on our field!

  • Dance: Learn new choreographies and steps and show us that you’re a star after classes!

  • Dessert MasterChef: Discover the art of pastry and chocolate making with Sébastien Brocard, French Dessert Chef Champion, and his team. Each afternoon a new topic: macarons, choux pastry, chocolate, fruity dessert.

  • Drama: You love Drama and being in the spotlight? Be part of the performance, welcome on stage! 

  • Multi-sports: Enjoy football, basketball, volleyball, swimming and many more activities outside on our 8 hectares campus.

  • Instagram Stories Lab: Shoot like a pro for Instagram and learn the latest tools for virtual editing and vlogging on your mobile phone. From 12 years old.

  • Water activities: Lake Geneva is so close to our campus. Take advantage and experiment fun water activities such as standup paddle or canoe.

Premium Program

These options are held in the afternoon on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

  • Flying Trapeze: For those looking for an incredible experience, initiation to flying trapeze!

  • Golf: The Geneva Country Club offers the ideal location to practice your “Swings” and “Drives”. Professional instructors cater to you based on your level. On the last day, test your skills on a real 9 hole course.

  • Horse Riding: Supervised by professionals, in a beautiful area near our campus, discover or develop: horse riding, show jumping, dressage, vaulting, horse drawn carriage.

  • Lake Geneva: Adrenaline filled activities, such as Wakesurf, Wakeboard and Tubing. Get the chance to learn with 2x World Wakesurf Champion, Sébastien Balland!

  • Tennis: Take your tennis skills to a new level with the best instructors coaching.


Boarding students live on campus and in attractive residential villas, accommodating up to 250 students.

Meals, breakfast, lunch and supper, for boarding students are served in our two cafeterias, Eiger and Léman.


Evening activities

Many activities planned for children in the evening after dinner, it is also a chance to meet some other campers as your children will be placed in groups according to age and enjoy the activities such as Bowling, Lasergame, Outdoor Games, Disco Party on Campus, Shows (Capoeira, circus and more), Challenges by team.

Weekend activities

Weekends are also packed with following activities for boarding students

  • Activities:Karting, Aquapark, Sports Tournament, Nature Park, Shopping.

  • **Visits:**The cheese factory in Gruyère, Cailler Chocolate factory, watches at the Patek Philippe Museum, a famous Swiss city, the famous Swiss mountains.

Getting to Collège du Léman in Geneva

Airport pick ups and drop offs are organized by Collège du Léman summer camp team.

Session Dates

Any course for a student under the age of 18 includes a transportation option.
Our packages are designed to be all-inclusive. We will contact you after checkout with info of exact items included.

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